Catch Up with Corduroy: The World’s Oldest Cat

Sure, they spend half their lives sleeping or indulging in varying levels of daytime laziness, while snubbing the people and other pets around them. What is often misconstrued as haughtiness in cats, is in fact, a very simple strategy – unlike dogs (who are usually all over the place and not to mention their owners), cats prefer staying away from anything that even remotely endangers them.

Corduroy Cat

That is perhaps the reason why, the handsome Corduroy, now known as the oldest living domestic cat, has lived up to the grand old age of 26.

When he is not finding the perfect spot for his next snooze, or perfecting his puss-in-boots look that begs for a cuddle, Corduroy also poses for his special page on Instagram, which is filled with pictures of him looking as cute-as-a-button, accompanied by innovative captions by his uploader.

His owner, Ashley Reed Okura, says she has had Corduroy since she was just seven years old. It was only recently that the 26-year-old kitty, who resides in the United States, was crowned the oldest living domestic cat by the Guinness World Records. In fact, he takes over from another esteemed cat in the record books, the adorably cute Tiffany Two, who recently found a place in kitty heaven at the ripe old age of 27 years, 2 months and 20 days.

Oldest Living Cat

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Although his owner Ashley was thrilled to discover that Corduroy was a record holder, she says that her cat, displayed classic feline behavior and didn’t seem to express any excitement at the honor bestowed upon him. However, Ashley did buy him a mouse to eat, as a token of celebration, which elicited a certain amount of interest from Corduroy.

“Cats are known to have a life span of only 12 to 15 years, and most of them, even domesticated ones, die when they are in their teens. However, if they are taken care of well and barring any serious medical conditions, indoor tabbies, can live up to 20 plus years.” –

Corduroy might be the oldest living domesticated cat alive today, but he is not the oldest cat in the record books. That honor in fact, according to Guinness officials, goes to Crème Puff, who lived for an astounding 38 years and 3 days!

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Corduroy definitely looks great for his age. How old is your furrbaby?


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