Great Christmas News!

Just heard some news that made our Christmas brighter! Jill, from Seattle, was looking for a kitten to give her son for Christmas. She asked if we were in her area and had any kittens for sale. Since we’re in the Midwest, we couldn’t help.

Cats Sold Out

The Good News?

Jill checked all her local shelters and found that all their kittens were SOLD OUT! They say it’s “kitty season”.


Sorry, Not Sorry!

We’re really, really sorry that Jill’s son won’t get a furry little bundle of joy for Christmas, but we’re not sorry to hear that all the homeless kittens in the Seattle area found a home for Christmas! We just hope that there were some adult cats that found a furrever home, too.  And that this has happened, not just in Seattle, but everywhere!

Just remember, if you are adopting a kitten or cat for Christmas, it’s a lifelong commitment (the life of the kitty) to their care and well-being. But it’s a commitment that is well-worth it!

Merry Christmas to all!


Jill’s boyfriend found a 9 week old kitty on Craig’s List, so her son will have a Merry Christmas after all!



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