8 of the Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

3. Peterbald

The Peterbald cat is a Russian cat that sometimes has no hair. Some others have a plush, short coat. The Peterbald gets along well with dogs and other breeds of cat. Peterbald cats are friendly, curious, athletic, very intelligent and have a medium size.


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They love to talk with their owners, are very vocal, and love to meet their owners by the door. They cost between 1,200 USD and 5,000 USD.


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    That’s so very cute

  2. Reply

    I like my tiger kitty just fine

  3. Reply

    The best breed is ‘shelter’ and they are much cheaper!☺

      • Kittens Whiskers
      • May 3, 2023

      Helen, I whole-heartedly agree!

  4. Reply

    I agree.

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    One of my adopted shelter kittens is a purebred Russian Blue.

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    The most expensive kitties I’ve ever had have been feral, lost/abandoned or shelter adopted special needs kitties. Two of them are in my lap as I post this. My current crop (I volunteer in a kitten nursery, so I get “sneak previews” of the more difficult ones to get adopted) of seven range are four months, two six month olds, one 22 months, one almost 2 year old, and two sisters who are 33 months old. I have two shy/fearful sisters who were 4th of July orphans, a congenital heart defect kitty who wasn’t expected to survive to three months of age (her second birthday will be in a couple of weeks 😀 <3 ), a starvation/malnourished/chronic GI issues Russian Blue kitten and her seemingly well adjusted buddy (except for his need to live up my nostril and be petted 24/7) all from the kitten nursery, plus a former feral who is exceptionally shy and food passive (not a good thing to be as a feral in a colony), and my most recent expensive "free" kitten, a little Calico girl I found a month ago in a Home Depot parking lot as an undersized 11 week old.

    The vet bills can run up, and a couple of times, I didn't eat so they could, but they're worth every penny and more. When I come home, I have seven pairs of adoring eyes and seven warm, soft bodies come up to me wanting to be held and petted. They are among the most loving and affectionate cats I've ever known.

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    Good for you Michael Mitchell! Also good to know you really can get expensive/purebred kittens at the shelters!!

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    Those are some lucky kitties to have you Michael! And that definitely shines a different light on what we would call an expensive cat! Plus, I’m laughing about the one that wants to “live up [your] nostril” – I used to have a dog like that (miss you Pepperoni). She slept not just on my bed, but with her head on the pillow, next to me, and I used to say that if she could, she would climb into my mouth to get closer. LOL. She was a real cuddle-bug. Bless your heart for taking in your special needs kitties <3

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    Who else loves cute kittens

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    totally correct 🙂

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    who else loves this ?

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    Kittens Whiskers Yes you can. I have a beautiful cat that ‘rescued’ me from a local shelter.

    • Bing
    • July 30, 2019

    “A maine coon will set you back 1,000 dollars” – and worth every pennie!

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