A Cat's Tongue

Hairballs and Grooming

Hairballs affect a significant number of felines. Some cats are able to pass them without much difficulty, but some may require medical attention.

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Cat in a tree

How to Get Your Cat Down Out of a Tree

´╗┐Cats are very athletic. They can quickly and easily climb a tree, but because of the way their claws are constructed, they can’t get down easily.

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Kitty and Butterfly

Kitties and Butterflies: What Are You?

Cats are wired to chase anything that moves, and it can be quite comical to watch them chase butterflies.

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Siamese Cats

The Siamese Cat – An Iconic Breed

Legend suggests that these sleek felines are directly descended from the sacred and revered temple cats in the former country of Siam.

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So Focused

What do you suppose this kitty is staring at so intently? Are his humans coming home? Is it a mouse he wants to pounce on?

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