Kittens Whiskers

Cat in a Manger

Away In A Manger

Let’s see, Mary – check. Joseph – check. Baby Jesus – check. All three of the Wisemen – check. A cow- check. A giant black cat – check…what??? I don’t remember a cat being in that story….

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Cats in the Military

Cats in the Military – Who Knew?

It is often overlooked that cats have a long standing history, dating back thousands of years, as military animals.

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April the Kitten

Little Kitty Survives Being Thrown Out Of A Moving Car

You may have heard the story of a little kitten that was thrown out a moving car in Florida when she was just three weeks old. We are not going into what kind of heartless humans were at the wheel of that car; we are however, going to thank the stars that that little kitty is […]

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Debby loves cats

Crazy Cat Lady Chapter 1: The Origin

You think YOU love cats? This girl loves cats so much it’s making her cry, while she’s trying to make a video for eHarmony!

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Sweet Kitten in the Grass

Up Next – It’s Kitten Season

This is the time of the year when litter after litter of homeless kittens and pregnant cats come pouring in to the shelters, and shelters scramble to accommodate them all.

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Corduroy Cat

Catch Up with Corduroy: The World’s Oldest Cat

The handsome Corduroy, now known as the oldest living domestic cat by Guinness World Records, has lived up to the grand old age of 26.

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Feral Cat

A Feral Cat’s Plea

They run and hide when you come anywhere near them. The truth is, they’d love to let you love them, but they’re just so scared.

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St. Pat's Cat

Saint Pat’s Cat

Kitty wishes you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! She says, “Here’s to a long life and a merry one.”

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Expensive Cats

8 of the Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

Listed here are the 8 of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, listed in reverse order of their higher-end price. But don’t get your pocketbook out just yet…

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