Kittens Found In Dumpster By Construction Workers

Construction workers in Des Moines, Iowa were throwing chunks of broken up cement into a dumpster when they heard something that made them stop. Hearing mews coming from inside the dumpster, they found three kittens inside. These big macho men rushed these tiny little kittens to the Animal Rescue League. Unfortunately, two of them didn’t make it, but this little one did!

Kitten Saved by Workers

Tom Colvin of the Animal Rescue League said “it was no accident the kittens were in the dumpster.” A commenter suggested that the mama cat may have chosen the dumpster as a place to have her kittens, or maybe she moved them there, and later either the dumpster was moved or the lid was shut, and she couldn’t get to them.

Although I would feel so bad for the mama cat, as I’m sure you would, I hope that is what happened, rather than someone just tossing these precious little babies in the trash.

No word on who might adopt this adorable little furball. What should we name him?

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    a name how about Connie for the construction workers who found him. hopefully the mother had found a warm spot to have them and the construction workers found them before she got back from looking for food, I would hate to think some heartless bastard threw them away.

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    I don’t know looks like a lil Dempster

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    cute little guy

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    then again, BOB comes to mind, builder bob, as construction workers found him

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    mr. butters

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    Name it butter

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    Name it butter

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    Poor little thing! My son found a pregnant mama kitty in a cat carrier dumping along Highway 50. He brought it home and we are fostering her and the 6 kittens until they are 8 weeks old.

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    Pinky for it’s pink nose!

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    What a silly question! Of course they were thrown away! Wish I could dump the bloody offenders somewhere without food or shelter! I would call this little sweetie-pie….. Angel.

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  24. Phoenix – as in rose from the ashes (survivor).

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    BUHAY means alive/life ! its a tagalog word!!

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    Lucky as he was only 1 that survived and got found 🙂

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    Sunny !

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    hermoso sam

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    Sometimes a pregnant cat would hide anywhere to have her kittens especially from a tom cat.

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    are they boys or girls or both?!!

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    Only one survived, Pat Herlihy , not sure if M or F.

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    name it Tumaiini – which means HOPE in Swahili

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  45. Sweet Pea.

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    I like Mr Butters or Butterscotch. ☺️

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    KEI which is Japanese for blessed, happy, lucky Or possibly FELICITY which also means the same.

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    How would people like to be just”thrown out” like they do to their pets????

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    such a sweetie! poor babies! so glad that they found them, they are heros!

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    Butterscotch is a great name for this little kitty!

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    Tawny or Sage

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      I agree with Connie – Lucky is a very appropriate name since he was lucky to be rescued by those great guys!

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    Angel should be his name.

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    OMG, he’s so cute!!!

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    sweet baby!!

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    Precious little baby. I chose Felix which means Lucky.

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    heaven or precious

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    Toasted Marshmallow .Toastie for short.

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    My daughter had a box dropped off at her place of work, and when it meowed she naturally called Mom. None of the shelters were accepting animals, so Lucky became our addition to the brood. We also had a pregnant mama thrown out of a moving car that I was never able to domesticate or catch and spay, and when she was dying she brought me her last litter which I still have 3,, one is out side.

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    Omg, that breaks my heart, Judy Wagner

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    There are so manysicko’s inthis world anymore !!!! I hope whoever did this gets there karma soon!!!!!!

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    Awww, it’s adorable.

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    how can people be so mean and cruel bastards

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    awful , awfull

  73. Since he only one survived lets call him lucky

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    God Bless Em! <3

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    Darn, Bertha. That was my choice. How about…Sunshine?

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    terrible, but great that they were found!

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    damn people are so cruel wish they would throw the book at these people that do this to sweet babys

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    hey ya and who’s d**k did he suck to get one in the first place

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    Golden Boy!

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    precious. Hang in there sweet one. You have a chance npw

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    glad they cared

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    So cute, poor lil baby

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    How about Caramel or Butterscotch

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    Found in dumpster grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How about Goldie

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    Poor innocent baby! Glad someone Saved her!

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    Hercules! Herc for short <3

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    So sad to report that the sweet little kitten crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. The little ones body just could not recover from all it had gone through. This was reported by the Animal Lifeline where the kitten had been taken to and cared for. The little one has now joined the other two across the Bridge.

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    Name him Chester…

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    Call him Luckey!

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    poor kitty.

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    Name him Scrapper <3

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    yes, butterscotch

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    theres alot of good names on here. so sweet. i have one that looks like this one, his name is “butters”

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    Awww..poor lil angel~

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    Angel…..Cause God’s Angels were watching that baby!

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    Awww call him Puddin!

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    Skrinkle is the cat found in the dumpster in the movie Party Monster

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    Dolly Collins says:
    “I agree with Connie – Lucky is a very appropriate name since he was lucky to be rescued by those great guys!”

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    Poor babies.. So sad.

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    name him Scrappy!!!

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    Awww…what a sweetie. So sad his siblings did not make it. My heart aches….but also happy that this darling made it.

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    Well, since people have thrown their own children in a dumpster, it’s not hard to believe that they would dump kittens. There is a special place in hell for them. Shame.

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    Breaks my heart too Judy Wagner

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    Name this one Dex

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    <3 I say Hercules. What a cutie pie though. OMG <3

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    Lucky or Solo (because he was the only survivor)

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    A picture of love, name him Romeo <3

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    I’ll never, never, never understand how some people can be so cruel as to treat an animal like that. Breaks my heart!

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    Thank you for caring for these animals.

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  131. Faith <3

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    Thank you guys for rescuing this adorable kitten.

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    Oh no! But thanks for letting us know, Sandie Bolten

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    Don’t know any of them Donna, but that is a good idea.

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    Thanks, I see the pictures and stories of the shelters and want to take them all in but I can’t because they seem to end up at my front door.

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    my kitty was also one of 5 left in a dumpster he is the only survivor. Jacoby looks just like this kitty he is 9 years old now I love him so much I hope this kitty gets a good home .

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    I’m going to share with my page of MIS GATOS Consentidos. Thanks!!!

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    such a sick World we live in.

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    Lucky <3

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    They ended up naming him Oscar. Sadly they had to end his suffering a few days ago due to complications. 🙁

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    What is wrong with people? Everyone should have to come back in a second life as their pet!!!

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    How about Yellow. He has a yellow fur and softly look on him . Yellow would be wonderful.

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    what is wrong with people.

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    If this is a girl, I’d name her Peaches. She just reminds me of a sweet little peach somehow.

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    survivor, hero, mighty, braveheart………….

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    adorable…ppl are so cruel

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    tough guy

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    Raja Kitten was rescued from a dumpster when she was just a few weeks old. We took her when her owner could no longer keep her, now she has a forever home and a family that adores her.

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    Pumpkin …. I would name him pumpkin … poor baby

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    Sugar Bear

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    I would call it Honey.

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    • Kathy J
    • November 3, 2014


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    Kitten whisperer

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    Angel, would be a good name for him. Such a beautiful face

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    Poor kitty .. name lucky,survivor,hero

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    Angel or faith

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    Poor thing what the $#%&!@* is wrong with people name the little guy lucky

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    Such a beautiful little angel

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  182. I used to live in Iowa. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is amazing.

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    name it MIRACLE or DESTINY

  184. Reply

    Hurts my heard that people can be so cruel.

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    Butter! Or Butterscotch! What a sweet thing! ❤️❤️

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    Rocky Balboa

  189. Reply

    Oscar – for “Oscar the Grouch”!

  190. Reply

    My husband brought home a little 4 wk. old white kitten years ago. He was found underneath the hood of a fellow workers truck. Drove 40 miles. They were going to kill it ($#%&!@*s), but my husband took his shirt off and put the kitten on it, in his truck. We named him Lucky and he was with us for 12 yr. Died of renal failure. Any we were devasted.

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    Beacon or Sparkle, because there had to be a light shining from this precious one for those workers to find this little one.

  193. Reply

    Oscar… from Seseme Street.. he lived in a trash can too.. 🙂

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    Oh: What a cutie!!! Those who put them there in the first place are not human.

  198. Reply

    Name him Tuffy.

  199. Reply

    Humpy Dumpty

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    name him Frank (Ole Blue Eyes) of course.a Moma cat dropped one of her litter off at our barn, my hubby and 2 sons named him Barney now we have 2 black Moma cats i am feeding trying to get them spayed before they can multiply again but they are beautiful shiny black and so loving

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    I say name the little thing “lucky”

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    Dumples 🙂

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    Hammer!!!! Goes good for a construction worker

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    call him Hefty or Glad!

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    That is such an adorable kitty baby! This story reminds me of when they were rebuilding the McDonald’s in our little town and construction workers came upon a tiny kitten trapped in a sewer pipe. They rushed it to the local vet who nursed it back to health. That kitten found a forever home when it got old enough and healthy enough to be released from the vet.

  215. Reply

    I think they are not good people

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    how sad

  219. Reply

    SAD! Just plain SAD!!!

  220. Reply

    people suck. most

  221. Reply

    honey butter

  222. Reply

    he looks like a samson 🙂

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    Miricle… <2

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    Sad how people are so heartless to animals …why can’t they just leave those cat alone and let it’s mama take care of it .

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    Call him MIRACLE

  227. Reply

    I wish I could call him Mine!

  228. Reply

    How can ANYONE do that! As for a name — The first one that came to mind when I saw him was TIGGER … Yep, he looks like a Tigger !!

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    She loved you.

  231. Reply

    thats terrible that someone would do this to those poor kittens. glad the construction workers found them.

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    I would name him Lucky Puff

  233. Reply

    what else but Snuggles

  234. Reply

    Heartless People!!

  235. Reply

    I had a kitten that was found in a dumpster and we named him Dumpie !!

  236. Reply

    O hope he finds a wonderful home!

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    Awww 🙁 “Treasure’. It’s possible the mom had them there, but more likely, unfortunately, that someone may have thrown them there. 🙁 I’d rather think the mom, but.. people being what they can be sometimes. I don’t know. What a little beauty this one is!!

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    I hate humans……how people can do such things I’ll never know….

  241. Reply

    So Sad!!!

  242. Reply

    Sunshine or Phoenix for a name!

  243. Reply

    people jsut don’t have a heart sometimes

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    that is awful

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    Creamy for short of Cremesicle

  248. Reply

    His name should be Treasure – because that’s what he is -= a treasure found in the trash

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    “Lucky”…..My grandson found a beautiful cat…..He named him Toby….Toby is orange and white….

  253. Reply

    Cream Puff……….. Puff for short

  254. Reply

    lucky ,,, sunshine ,,

  255. Reply

    Baby love !!!

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    • Snowdove
    • November 7, 2014


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    I found a sweet tiny kitten running in the street…. It took some time but I coaxed her to my garage…. I finally caught her… A little sweetie….Tiny & cold….Checked with all the neighbors… No one claimed her. Took her to the vet to get checked out….She’s mine now…has been for over 5 years….. She’s right here, next to me on the sofa… Her name? “Sweetie”…. Of course…. Sweetie scoot over please, you’re crowding me…. 😉

  259. Reply

    Oscar 🙂

  260. Reply

    sweet pea is a good name i think

  261. Reply

    Mr Lucky!!

  262. Reply

    name him vanilla….

  263. Reply

    The name should be Thor!

  264. Reply

    Snuggles would be so cute <3

  265. Reply

    We got a kitty from someone who crushed the other ones to deAth. And we saved him now his name is lucky kitty

  266. Reply

    People r sooooo mean…I mean really. How could u do that to something ao adorable….

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  268. Reply

    MIttens >^..^<

  269. Reply


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  272. Reply

    Miracle, obviously! — Melanie 🙂

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  275. Reply

    name him recycle

  276. Reply

    Timber…..since its a construction site they use alot of timber!

  277. Reply


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  279. Reply

    Butter Cup 🙂

  280. Reply

    Buttercup or Buttery. His coloring is gorgeous!

  281. Reply

    Mocha…. cause he looks like a latte as does my old man that I named Mocha about 14yrs ago. ♡

  282. Reply

    Whiskers,,,, Mr. Whiskers

  283. Reply


  284. Reply

    How about Oscar or Cuttie. 😉 CharO

  285. Reply

    Miracle would be a good name

  286. Reply


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  289. Reply

    My suggestion for a name is Angel.

  290. Reply


  291. Reply

    Sir Trashmore

  292. Reply

    Alexandre (Dumas)

  293. Reply

    Aw!!!! How awful! I bottle fed 3 that show showed up! They are in the house and at home!

  294. Reply

    name him miracle

  295. Reply

    look at this sad little baby. breaks my heart

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  298. Reply

    Sometimes it is hard not to hate people. I just can’t stand cruelty of any form.

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  300. Reply

    Yes Butterscotch, first thing I thought of also!

  301. Reply

    name him fire! hes orange like fire and was rescued by construction workers who wear vibrant orange n yellow.

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  303. Reply

    Oscar. He came from a trash can after all. 🙂

  304. Reply

    GOOD for u Judy and Jen u r gods angels

  305. Reply

    awwwwww. <3 Peaches comes to mind. We rescued a kitten that was born in the tall weeds in our yard. Was only about 5 wks old. My daughter carried him inside and said "can we keep him mommy?" since no one claimed him, he is ours. <3

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    why would anyone so heartless throw away those adorable kittys?! grrr…but good thing the workers saved this kittys <3 bless them

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  310. Reply

    Dumpster sounds good to me

  311. Reply

    Heartless people to do that , makes me sad .

  312. Reply

    Sir Viver is a good name…Its royalty…..The prince of dumpsters….

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  314. Reply

    God Bless you for saving this beautiful baby. Call him Pumpkin.

  315. Reply

    I just don’t understand how people can be so heartless. God Bless the wonderful construction worker that saved his life.

  316. Reply

    “Percy” short for perseverance

  317. Reply


  318. Reply

    peaches, she looks like a lil peach

  319. Reply

    Name him Dumpty or Dumpling?.

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  321. Reply


  322. Dumpy

  323. Reply

    Three years ago, someone dropped off a wicker basket. And two dogs. When I went to see what dogs were barking at, I saw the basket across the street. Inside was five terrified little kittens. They ended up becoming part of my kitty family when friends I asked didn’t want any more cats.

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  327. Reply

    Lovey! He needs alot of love.

  328. Reply

    got a family and half here,their doing great ,3 were in a pillow case but took from the person,alot shelters are full now

  329. Reply

    My husband also found 3 kittens in a construction dumpsster, no mama was found. Brought them home & we bottled fed them, they are all boys & are now 8 1/2 months old.

  330. Reply

    lil rocky

  331. Reply

    $#%&!@*s. Who could do that.

  332. Reply

    His one lucky Lil guy,so he needs a beautiful name.prince

  333. Reply


  334. Reply

    awww so cute call him lucky

  335. Reply


  336. Reply

    Li’l Survivor

  337. Reply


  338. Reply

    Name the kitten after the people who found them…

  339. Reply

    How about…peanut.

  340. Reply

    Blue his eyes are so blue

  341. Reply

    The Lone Ranger…..

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  345. Lucky

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    Hes a king name him after a king or a god like or a warrior yeah a warrior bc he is a WARRIOR A SURVIVOR NAME HIM APPOLLO OR Archelles Spartan something like that hes so cute and so strong look ii ng bless his heart wish he was mine looking for a new boy kitten:)))) Hes adorable and hes going to make someone a great kitty:)))

    1. Reply

      Teresa there are groups on Facebook that will transport kitties long distances. Distance no longer has to be an obstacle to adoption. Try
      Even if you don’t have a FB account the page is viewable to the public. Here’s the website link:

  349. Reply

    Maryann says:
    “My husband also found 3 kittens in a construction dumpsster, no mama was found. Brought them home & we bottled fed them, they are all boys & are now 8 1/2 months old.”

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  352. Reply

    He looks like a little fluffy biscuit ! Re-spell it Byskit! So cute! I had a cat by that name and he died…… So I am partial to it 🙂

  353. Reply

    Butter cup. So sweet!

  354. Reply


  355. Reply

    Too bad it’s not a girl.
    Gloria would be fitting.
    “I will survive.”

  356. Reply

    I vote for Rocky, for being a champion! A survivor!

  357. Reply

    Gonna is it’s name because he is gonna make it

  358. Reply


  359. Reply

    “ONE & ONLY” Amen

  360. Reply

    Butterscotch! Such a cutie!

  361. Reply


  362. Reply

    That’s so sad how someone could do such a thing shame on them!! Let’s name him Coco

  363. Reply

    My first thought when I looked at him/her is that the kitten is the color of vanilla pudding so…. I would name her Puddin

  364. Reply


  365. Reply

    Butterscotch. I also like Sunshine; Rocky; Simba. Cute isn’t the word.

  366. Reply

    A human newborn was found in some loose earth outside a nursing home here in West Michigan. While I think it’s bad to abandon animals to their death, I think it is HORRENDOUS to kill a child, especially when it can be dropped off at a fire station with no repercussions.

  367. Reply

    I had a beautiful cat that was found in a dumpster. We named him Romeo.

  368. Reply


  369. Reply

    Chance (Lucky in French)

  370. Reply

    Oscar… Like Oscar the grouch.

  371. Reply


  372. Reply


  373. Reply

    He looks like Honey.

  374. Reply


  375. Reply

    Survy short for survivor

  376. Reply


  377. Reply


  378. Reply

    Some people can be so mean

  379. Reply

    She is beautiful!

  380. Reply

    Why not call this sweetie “Whiskers”? So sweet! I love all animals, especially kittens and cats!!

  381. Reply


  382. Reply


  383. Reply


  384. Reply


  385. Reply


  386. Reply

    Dumpling since it was found in a dumpster! <3

  387. Reply


  388. Reply


  389. Reply


  390. Reply


  391. Reply

    Oscar (from sesame street).

  392. Reply

    OH so cute

  393. Reply


  394. Reply

    He’s so sweet looking! Bright Eyes!

  395. Reply

    Yeaaa!Honney is perfect Joe Jones

  396. Reply

    Who the $#%&!@* puts kitties in a dumpster?

  397. Reply

    When my kids were little they came to me in the kitchen and said ” mommy we hear kitties.” I walked out back to find a bag tied up in the trash can down the alley with 6 kittens in it. We took them in but not all survived. People are cruel. Maybe you should call the kitten Twinkie.

  398. Reply


  399. Reply

    Sick people in this world

  400. Reply


  401. Reply


  402. Reply

    Kelly Radcliff says:
    “Teresa there are groups on Facebook that will transport kitties long distances. Distance no longer has to be an obstacle to adoption. Try
    Even if you don’t have a FB account the page is viewable to the public. Here’s the website link:

  403. Reply

    Treasure ! one person’s trash is another persons treasure. ( No i’m not calling the poor thing trash It’s just a saying)

  404. Reply


  405. Reply


  406. Reply

    Blue eyes!

  407. Reply


  408. Reply


  409. Reply


  410. Reply


  411. Reply

    Dumplin doll is what I would call her if it’s a girl and Doobie if it’s a boy

  412. Reply


  413. Reply

    Kismet. Kitty Kismet “KK”

  414. Reply

    Gizmo! 🙂

  415. Reply

    Ahh! So sweet! Precious

  416. Reply


  417. Reply

    Some people are.

  418. Reply


  419. Reply


  420. Reply

    Julie…when I was a little girl Dad brought home a little black kitty tucked in his flannel shirt. The kitten was at the construction site and was dodging vehicles. We named him Inky. I’ll never forget Dad taking him out of his shirt. So cute!!

  421. Reply

    Mellow yellow

  422. Reply

    Butter cup.

  423. Reply


  424. Reply

    Munchie,,, Soo cute!

  425. Reply

    Daniel after Daniel & the Lions Den. This lil guy is a survivor & was blessed by God.

  426. Reply


  427. Reply


  428. Reply


  429. Reply

    Dozer like a bull dozer in construction business. That’s what i would name him, he is adorable!

  430. Reply


  431. Reply


  432. Reply


  433. Reply

    Charlie, Sandy, Tigger,

  434. Reply


  435. Reply

    poor little thing

  436. Reply

    Some one put a litter of kittens in a paper bag then put one the other way so the kittens couldn’t get out and left them at the end of my long driveway and the kittens chewed the one end of on of the sacks and they came running up to my house, I went to the paper sack and there was still 1 more in it all curled up and it meowed at me when I looked inside . There were 4 of them altogether

  437. Reply


  438. Reply

    It’s sad that only one survived. =( However, the fact that a construction guy took the time to save them was wonderful.

  439. Reply


  440. Reply

    Buttercup!! Precious!

  441. Reply

    omg how can anyone do that? he looks like a Timothy to me, may god always watch over him

  442. Reply

    Peaches …looks like a little peach! 🙂

  443. Reply


  444. Reply

    Butters n stuff

  445. Reply


  446. Reply


  447. Reply

    Angel, lucky, precious, or sunny (sunshine) would be most fitting

  448. Reply

    Sunny because of his fur color.

  449. Reply

    I would name it Joy

  450. Reply


  451. Reply


  452. Reply


  453. Reply


  454. Reply


  455. Reply

    Miracle 🙂

  456. Reply

    sweet babys!!

  457. Reply


  458. Reply


  459. Reply


  460. Reply


  461. Reply

    Dumpster since that is where he was found and where he got a second chance on life.

  462. Reply

    How about “Lucky”

  463. Reply

    Boy or girl? Boy – Sir Vivor

  464. Reply

    Name him (Tre )♡ like in 3 for the ones that didnt make it ♡

  465. Reply

    Debra Gulliver Helen Staley Kelly Ann Hartnett Tara Lee Taylor-Anthony poor kitties who would do this

  466. Reply

    The article says the momma cat might’ve had the kittens in the dumpster.

  467. Reply

    They should name him Butters like from South Park

  468. Reply


  469. Reply


  470. Reply


  471. Reply


  472. Reply

    Awww hes so precious, atleast they found him..

  473. Reply


  474. Reply

    He is beautiful…Angel is good

  475. Reply

    How could someone be that cruel and drop that precious little kitten in a dumpster, left to fend for itself or die. Whoever did it should be dropped into a human appropriate sized dumpster and see how they feel…sorry P.O.S.

  476. Reply


  477. Reply


  478. Reply

    God Bless you and your family……true Heros!!!!

  479. Reply

    I wish I could call him mine!

  480. Reply

    Call him/her “mine,” and bring that baby to me!!!!!!!!

  481. Reply

    People make me sick.They are the trash that need to be in dumpsters.No better place for them.There day will come and I hope soon.

  482. Reply

    There are so many of us animal lovers but sometimes we don’t get there in time.I’m off soon to trap a cat at a busy area.Comes to you but runs if you try to pick him up. Been running in the area for a month and I just found out this week about him. Just hope he isn’t trap smart.

  483. Reply


  484. Reply

    Oscar of course!

  485. Reply

    Awe look at that poor little thing its adorable

  486. Reply


  487. Reply

    your a good woman

  488. Reply

    Yes, I have caught many feral cats too, in a humane trap, and taken them to the county animal shelter. They do not kill them if they are healthy. Instead, they spay or neuter them, give them their rabies, test them for feline leukemia and aids. If they are all ok, the re-release them after clipping their ear to the neighborhood they came from. It is funny, how after a few weeks, they are back LOL like magic.

  489. Reply

    Sometimes they send them to farms too for mousers.

  490. Reply

    How can people be so heartless?? This little guy is sooooo cute. I think I’d name him “Lucky”…:)

  491. Reply


  492. Reply

    Let’s call the kitten Sweetness:)

  493. Reply


  494. Reply


  495. Reply

    Cream Cloud. Or C C

  496. Reply

    Biggen ,big heart big blue eyes.

  497. Reply


  498. Reply

    The little “Hobo”

  499. Reply

    Just precious.

  500. Reply


  501. Reply


  502. Reply

    Name this cutie pie Samson!! He’s a tuff little guy who needs a strong name!! Who put him there needs to be put there as well.

  503. Reply


  504. Reply


  505. Reply

    My new baby link bottle feed him ,he was find in a box with he two sister

  506. Reply


  507. Reply

    Dumpy or dumpster or Mufasa

  508. Reply

    “Survy” for survive

  509. Reply


  510. Reply

    What a precious angel face, thank you for saving this baby:)

  511. Reply

    Blue for blue eyes

  512. Reply


  513. Champ!

  514. Reply

    Peaches? Taffy?

    • Wolfgang Nomi
    • November 21, 2014

    Oscar, after Oscar the Grouch!!

  515. Reply

    I like the Buttercup name..

  516. Reply

    I rescued a kitten during a blizzard 5 years ago, I gave him the name Stormy. Your kitten should have the name Lucky because he was lucky to be found by those construction workers.

  517. Reply

    bananas <3

  518. Reply

    DIVER for dumpster diving

  519. Reply

    Why are people so damned cruel. I save everything I find.

  520. Reply


  521. Reply

    I would like to name him mine but Alex would be cute

  522. Reply


  523. Reply

    found my bobtail in the dumpster just like him he looks just like my baby buttonsi

  524. Reply

    crying… how can someone be so cruel…. i am sick to my stomach…. those bastards , or i can get even more nasty….. should be shot!

  525. Reply

    so sad any one could do that sick people.

  526. Reply

    “Glad” like glad bags

  527. Reply

    He looks like a Snickerdoodle!

  528. Reply


  529. Reply

    Red Foxx, the most famous junk/garbage man ever!

  530. Reply

    Freedom, which he is now. Freedom was the name of my Maine c**n who passed 10 months ago. I always loved that name.

  531. Reply


  532. Reply

    What kind of a*s hole would put kittens in a dumpster? 🙁

  533. Reply

    I had a feral female cat coming to my door about 3 yrs. ago, and with her was a 2/3 month old Siamese/mix. After a couple of weeks, I brought the kiiten in and got him fixed and kept him (named him baby Blu). 2 months later mom had kittens and someone had given her a box to have them in, but after 3/4 days, my husband heard mewing over the wall and when I went to see, the box that she had her babies in was thrown against the wall. There were 2 kittens in it,and only 1 survived. I kept that one. and then I found momma under a bush with the only other one that survived the 4th one was dead from opossum attack. So I brought mom and 2 babies in and gave them their own room. (named babies Precious and Patches) still have them (fixed). Could catch mom fast enough she then proceeded in coming home pregnant a 3rd time, and gave me 5 more beautiful kittens. All fixed (including mom). To this day I have 8 beautiful cats and momma. I also feed stray cats in the neighborhood. I just love cats (and all other animals).

  534. Reply

    As for a name for the kitten found in dumpster, the gentleman that found him should name him.

  535. Reply

    Sweet Pea.

  536. Reply

    we found our baby girl under a dumpster 10 years ago (or she found us). We were going to keep her until we found her a home. She is so smart and sweet, and I swear she is grateful. She is an indoor cat by choice.

  537. Reply


  538. Reply


  539. Reply

    awww,poor little babies,I’m so glad they found them

  540. Reply


  541. Reply


  542. Reply


  543. Reply


  544. Reply


  545. Reply


  546. Reply

    Stunningly beautiful!!!

  547. Reply

    Chumpster from the dumpster!

  548. Reply

    I like toughy..or som’n to do w/ construction. ‘Struction. Got to be around the ‘struction workers… The struction worker found n saved. ” Struction”. Is my name and “buildin” is my game! ~^_^~

  549. Reply

    Struction. =^_^=

  550. Reply

    Struction born raised struction worker..buildin is my game. I like the struction workers..they saved me! I wanna be a struction

  551. Reply

    Pleeeeeze pleeeeeze let me be a struction Cuz the strict ion workers saved meeee

  552. Reply

    He looks like a bobby what a adorable kitten

  553. Reply

    So what was the name for this little kitten? CharO

  554. Reply


  555. Reply

    Thank you both. She’s a little angel.

  556. Reply


  557. Reply


  558. Reply


  559. Reply

    Don’t know how people can be so cruel animals r like children 2.

  560. Reply


  561. Reply


  562. Reply

    Sunrise. <3

  563. Reply


  564. Reply

    My Inky was under a trail or in my friends trail or park. Abandoned and eating paper. She is 5 now.

  565. Reply

    He’s so cute!! And a surviver.

  566. Reply

    Lucky Kitty

  567. Reply

    Lancelot. Seems to fit him. Maybe someone will throw the people who put these kittens in the dumpster in the dumpster. People can be so cruel.

  568. Reply

    No soul or heart.

  569. Reply


  570. Reply


  571. Reply


  572. Reply


  573. Reply

    Butters 🙂

  574. Reply

    Why do people do things like this… You can take them to any shelter or rescue site.. Not throw them in the dumpster ;(

  575. Reply

    Butters, Biscuit, Sandstorm, Bear, Q-tip, Bones, Claws, Whiskers, Starstruck, Pretzel, Phoenix, Stargazer, Star, Rascal, Bandit, Mocha, Cappuccino, Pumpkin, Weasel, Chinchilla, Daisy, Dandelion, Lion, Angel, Blossom 🙂

  576. Reply


  577. Reply


  578. Reply

    “Baby Blue Eyes”

  579. Reply

    “Cust”…short for custodian, How about something like “umpster the survivor”

  580. Reply

    I took in a runt that had a very distended belly (worms) kitten cold/infection and just skinny as a rail It looks like this kitten and I called it Crackers because it is the coloring of a saltine cracker.

  581. Reply


  582. Reply


  583. Reply

    What’s name of the trash company? At our rescue we try to name ours where found… We have rider, sonic and bumper

  584. Reply


  585. Reply

    Angel or Miracle.

  586. Reply

    My sister-in-law found a tiny kitten in a dumpster and named him Miracle. He grew up to be a beautiful boy and was almost 19 years old when he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

  587. Reply


  588. Reply

    Lionheart <3

  589. Reply


    • Glenda Ruyle
    • November 24, 2014

    A little fighter, survivor & found by a construction crew

  590. Reply


  591. Reply


  592. Reply

    poor babies

  593. Reply


  594. Reply


  595. Reply

    that is soooooo mean of people to do that to animals? How would they like it if it was done to them…..

  596. Reply

    He’s orange…it’s the holidays….pumpkin?

  597. Reply

    How anyone can do these things to a precious animal is beyond me…I always says there’s a special place in hell for those cruel to animals and children.

  598. Reply


  599. Reply


  600. Reply


  601. Reply


  602. Reply


  603. Doozer

  604. Reply

    Blondie and OLIVER

  605. Reply

    Trash:As in you mess with me I will trash your eyes out.Soooooo cute to be dumped like that.

  606. Reply

    Shame on whoever did that i cant stand people like that . Im Furious

  607. Reply


  608. Reply


  609. Reply


  610. Reply

    Literally throwing away a living breathing creature……that person is a waste of oxygen.

  611. Reply

    I love you, thanks from another kitty rescuer

  612. Reply

    I feel the name spirit for this kitten!

  613. Reply

    Dumpy…he is a survivor!

  614. Reply

    Aww! One of our cats was found in a dumpster and we had to bottle feed her. Totally a foster failure!

  615. Reply

    Dumper! What are people thinking? That’s heartbreaking 🙁

  616. Reply


  617. Reply


  618. Reply

    **SUNNY**(or) **SONNY**!

  619. Reply

    Bless Hiz Rescuers! ♥♥♥♥

  620. Reply


  621. Reply


  622. Reply


  623. Reply


  624. Reply

    Sweet Cream or Butter! Sweet baby! :3

  625. Reply


  626. Reply

    How about Oscar? Like his sesame street namesake!

  627. Reply

    mabey furball

  628. Reply

    He should be named Lucky

  629. Reply

    it depends sometimes if a mother cat is scared from where she placed them or if she will be gone awhile they will put them some place she knows they will be ok but only if she knows she can get back to them

  630. Reply

    Name him Rocky?

  631. Reply

    Destiny! !

  632. Reply

    I believe there is a special place in hell for monsters like that!

  633. Reply


  634. Reply


  635. Reply

    I really hope these little guys weren’t thrown away!!! 🙁 People make me sick!

  636. Reply

    Gibbs. or JD he/she is a tough kitty!!!

  637. Reply


  638. Reply

    I say Panda!

  639. Reply

    God Bless you for your caring and kind heart.

  640. Reply

    God Bless ytou or your caring and kind heart.

  641. Reply

    Survivor. Appropriate name.

  642. Reply

    Name him lucky!!

  643. Reply

    Cute kittens!

  644. Reply


  645. Reply


  646. Reply

    Phoenix- because Phoenix rose from the ashes.

  647. Reply