Sweet Kitty Takes A Little Cat Nap

You don’t mind if I cuddle up on your fresh sheets, do you? I mean, they do match my eyes. Really brings out the blue in them, huh? I just want to take a short cat nap, here where I can smell your scent. Maybe you’d like to take a cat nap with me? We could purr together!

Cuddle Bug     Image


I was nestled in the softest sheets I had ever felt. The fabric was like a cloud, and I felt like I was floating. My tiny paws kneaded the material, and I let out a contented purr. This was the life.


The room was opulent, with plush furniture and glistening chandeliers. I felt like a queen in my little bed, surrounded by such grandeur. I knew I was lucky to be here, and I was determined to make the most of it.


I couldn’t help but explore my surroundings. I peeked over the edge of the bed and saw a pair of shoes. They looked like they would be fun to play with, so I pounced. I batted at the laces and nibbled on the leather. I was having a blast.


I heard footsteps approaching, and I knew I was in trouble. I quickly scampered back to my bed and tried to look innocent. But it was too late. The human had caught me in the act. I braced myself for a scolding, but to my surprise, they just laughed and scooped me up.


I snuggled into their arms and purred. They stroked my fur and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I felt so loved and appreciated. I knew I had found my forever home.


As the days went on, I became more and more adventurous. I explored every nook and cranny of the house, from the highest shelves to the deepest corners. I was fearless and curious, and I loved every minute of it.


I discovered all sorts of toys and games to play with. There were balls and feathers and strings and bells. I would spend hours batting them around and chasing after them. It was the best kind of fun.


But at the end of the day, there was nothing better than curling up in my soft, warm bed. I would stretch out my little body and let out a deep sigh. I was completely relaxed and at peace.


And through it all, I knew that I was loved. I could feel it in every stroke and every cuddle. I had found a home where I was cherished and adored. And I was grateful for every moment of it.


So I closed my eyes and let myself drift off to sleep, feeling completely content and happy. I was a cute little kitten, curled up in fresh sheets, surrounded by love and warmth. And life was good.

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    wow sleep sweety

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    <3 <3

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    Looks like princess.

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    It’s what all kitties love to do.

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    awwwwwwww, kiss kitty

  6. dusice, <3 moje maleno

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    Aaawwww.choooo chweet and huggable and squishable

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    oh yes

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    Such a sweet kittie…!!!

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    Awww very cute!

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    Hi Sweetheart !

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    Keep Her Inside only ! Please !

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    They absolutely love laundered sheets

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    Just makes your heart melt! What a sweetie!

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    as many times and as long as youy want little one,

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    My cat doesn’t normally sleep with me but everytime I change the sheets she wants to get right up into the edge of the pillows and sleep. Love her.

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    It’s ok, little one! You can nap with me anytime!

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    it sure can..come to me kitty

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    of course it is

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    How cute

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    He sure can. He can curl up anytime. So adorable.

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    Anything you want sweet baby.

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    Aww SO cute and Adorable

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    anytime baby!

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    that little kitty can do anything it wants to!! <3

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    Precious 🙂

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    how cute

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    Soooo adorable!

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    Such a little sweetie!!!!

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    OK Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    So adorable.

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    U can cat nap on my fresh cleaned sheets any time sweetie

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    To cute!!

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    Adorable! Yes, kitty, you may lie on anything of mine!

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    You better believe any cat is welcome on my clean sheets.

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    To cutie

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    Little sweetheart you can curl up anywhere you want but the best place would be on my lap.

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    You can sleep any where you want.

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    yes it is my little cuti lol

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    I just meant Adorable!

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    I agree How sweet

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    my babies always do & can

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    Look at those eyes.

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    too sweet…

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    Nothing like curling up with a kitty on a rainy day.

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    hi sweetheart

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    kitty looks scared 🙁

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    Purr fect

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    Oh I so want the kitty.

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    my cats love to cat nap with me

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    He can curl up in the warm, just out of the drier, sheets at my house!

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    Any time

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    Hercules and Roarke

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    soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

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    Aw so cute 🙂

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    Of course he can!!!!

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    Reply me

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    I did

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    Sooo sweet

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    Of course it’s okay ! Anything for you .

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    I wish I could take all the homeless kitties and take care of them.

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    Fine with me.

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    Always happy to have a kitty on my bed:)

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    Cute kitty :). I really love his eyes beautiful 🙂

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    That is the most adorable cat I have ever seen!!

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    Anytime, sweetie.

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    sooo cute

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    soo cute

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    So cute

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    Sooo sweet!

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    I would cat nap with this little one anytime!! What a cutie <3

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    Cute! Good snuggle buddy. Mmm. Kisses.

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    TOO CUTE!!! <3

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    So precious.

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    A-DOOR-ABLE!!!! (Y) (Y)

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    So adorable

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    ParkerTodd Robins

  98. Reply

    How sweet !

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    Those eyes! Adorable!

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    Yes he can sleep anywhere he wants and I would lay down and take a cat nap with him, he’s adorable.

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    Cute kitty

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    I want it !!! Does he need a home ??? Sweet little kitty

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    Sooooo cute

  104. Reply

    So,so cute !!!!!!!!!!

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    I love to have him

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    Aww so cute!

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    wt a cutie he is

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    Awww so cute

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    So very cute.

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    Awwwwwww, So Sweet

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    So precious.

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    Look at those eyes!

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    He is so cute

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    Love kitties

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    You bet!!

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    So adorable!!

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    Who could resist that sweet little face??? <3

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    Awwwww, anytime!! So sweet!!

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    Of course…. My babies rule my house

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    love it

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    So precious

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    She’s so pretty,

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    He can curl up wherever he wants

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    So adorable

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    You are a cutie! I love to cuddle!

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    Awww anytime

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    so darling

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    Oh yes anytime

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    I want one

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    so sweet

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    Look at that face! Who could say no?!?

  137. Reply

    Any time!

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    fresh laundry kittie

  139. Reply

    Mike – you NEED dis!

  140. Reply

    its okay with me

  141. Reply

    How Adorable!!!

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    Precious “Angel” deserves lots of hugs and kisses.

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    Anytime sweet little baby

  145. Reply

    awwww hes so cute

  146. Reply

    aw…..so sweet and precious

  147. Reply

    He can nap on my bed for as long as he likes.

  148. Reply

    just too cute

  149. Reply

    Oh dear little baby (:

  150. Reply

    Will Beringer this is adorable

  151. Reply

    I would make sure my little furry is as comfy as possible! I would give it a kiss and cuddle and cover her up a little. <3

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    Yeeesss go ahead. “Pets kitty lightly”

  154. Reply

    !!!Que ojos mas lindos tiene la gatica,seguro encontrara hogar!!!

  155. Reply

    Fine with ME !!!!!!!!

  156. Reply

    Oh yes you can

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    So Cute 🙂

  158. Reply

    yes he can so adorable

  159. Reply

    So cute and sweet!

  160. Reply

    So adorable

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    How could you say no to that? 🙂

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    Sure can you can take a nap any where sweet baby

  163. Reply

    Yes he can

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    Snuggle with me anytime. 🙂

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    oh u cute thing i want to cuddle u

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    yes you may

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    i love that little face,

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    So cute

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    Love it!

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    Such a sweet little face.

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    so very cute and every one needs to love that face

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    Looks scared 🙁

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    Beautiful I just love them so much!

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    Of course. Let me get a blanket.

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    Go for it sweet baby

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    I will nap with this kitty anytime!! Look at that face!!!

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  187. Reply

    Looks a bit like Niko.

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    Anytime little sweety.

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    Of course! I would sit next to kitty and comfort

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    I wish more than anything you sweet beautiful kitten, my landlord won’t allow it!!!! Damn him!

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    What a sweet face. ♡

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    Oh! Anytime baby kitty.

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    sooo cute

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    that lil baby can curl up on lap too I would love it

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    He’s so cute

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    Soooooooo sweeeeeet!! Love it!!!!

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    Awweee so cute sleep tight little one

  200. Reply

    Awwwwwwww time.

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    Too cute

  202. Reply

    This Kitten looks like my sweet Nickels in heaven since March 2014! So adorable!

  203. Reply

    so cute!!!

  204. Reply

    For sure!

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    Of course kitty!! Kittens AND cats are great snuggle buddies. 🙂

  206. Reply

    Sweet baby!! I would cubble with little kitty

  207. Reply

    kiddae is cold…

  208. Reply

    this is so cute

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    ahhhh super cute

  212. Reply

    That’s so sweet!

  213. Reply

    Anytime Darlin’!

  214. Reply

    Absolutely anytime

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    Totally, totally adorable! Makes my heart sing just to look this little one.

  216. Reply

    anytime little one

  217. Reply

    He is so sweet and cute!!!

  218. Reply

    He is too small to notice, fresh sheets are the best.

  219. Reply


  220. Reply

    He can curl up on my lap so cute

  221. Reply

    He can sleep on my sheets any time!

  222. Reply

    Yes yes yes

  223. Reply

    So tiny, so cute

  224. Reply

    Just like the one on our bed everyday.

  225. Reply

    That’s kittys so adorable. I wish i could have him

  226. Reply

    I take her

  227. Reply

    OMg, what an absolute cutie.

  228. Reply

    So cute it is cold for the kitty be outside

  229. Reply

    I would let you take a cat nap any where you want. You are so cute.

  230. Reply

    So precious

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    I want to kiss her little face

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    oh yes come on over….sweet kitty

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    what a cute little button

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    Cute kid & cute cat! Nothing as sweet as a young child with a loving cat!

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    que cosa mas linda ese gatito Dios mio

  238. So tiny

  239. Reply

  240. Reply

    This baby needs its momma!

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    of course it is sweetie. you are such a cute kitty.

  242. Reply

    Now its getting clearer

  243. Reply

    nice eyes

  244. Reply

    Of course kitty can.

  245. Reply

    Mine always sleeps on the bed.

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    They are the best!

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    Lots and lots of kisses for that little one <3

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    o sweet

  250. Reply

    Àint I çutè

  251. Reply

    Oh God bless the kitty!

  252. Reply

    I love that kitty

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  254. Reply

    now who could possibly tell that baby no.

  255. Reply

    yep he could sleep on my clean or new sheets

  256. Reply

    so precious looks like my mama cat when she was a baby kitten

  257. Reply


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    Beautiful kitten. ..

  259. Reply

    Goodness what a little beauty!

  260. Reply

    My 5 kittens like to sleep on my legs and don’t bother asking permission

  261. Reply

    Awww xxx

  262. Reply

    So sweet.

  263. Reply

    aww cute furry angels

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    Awww, sweet kitty baby <3

  266. Reply

    Awww..how can u say no to that precious face

    • CATS
    • January 29, 2015
  267. Reply

    my cat loves naps also

  268. Reply

    Awww! <3

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    Que bebe de gatico mas bello

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    so pretty

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    She is so sweet

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    yes it ok to curl up and sleep little one

  276. Reply

    Cute little ting.

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    my cat did that when I was in A coma mom would bring my cloth home so they wouldn’t forget my smell. My male cat would get up on them & sleep. We wee amazed that he still know me & make sure he was between me & anyone next to me, even mom & dad. Witch was A shoke to me because he was scared of other pepole.

  279. Reply

    Sweet miss my cat had one just like this miss my Feetz!!!

  280. Reply

    Is this the most precious kitten ever!!!!!!!

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    Love little kitties.

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  284. I’m in love. So adorable

  285. Reply

    Little bundle of joy

  286. Reply

    Awww tiny

  287. Reply

    Can curl up on my sheets anytime!!!

  288. Reply

    I love my cat ::

  289. Reply

    He can curl up on my sheets. I’m a sucker 4 cats

  290. Reply

    I miss having a little kitty like this one.

  291. Reply


  292. Reply

    So adorable

  293. Reply

    Love the blue eyes!

  294. Reply


  295. Reply

    Love that face

  296. Reply

    So cute

  297. Reply

    And why not???

  298. Reply

    Precious adorable face

  299. Reply

    That’s okay baby. Go head. So precious

  300. Reply

    What a little sweetheart!

  301. Reply

    Of course

  302. Reply

    Oh!! I’d take this little one in in a minute… What a sweetie..

  303. Reply

    Darling baby!

  304. Reply


  305. Reply

    Any time….

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  307. Reply

    My heart is melting ☺️

  308. Reply

    Who could resist that??

  309. Reply

    it cute

  310. Reply

    So cute.

  311. Reply

    I would love to have him I have 5

  312. Reply

    we have 5 that durls up every night

  313. Reply


  314. Reply

    sooooooooooo cute!! the cutest!

  315. Reply

    Sure. Anytime

  316. Reply


  317. Reply

    Aw how cute-

  318. Reply

    Yes it would be

  319. Reply

    Of course

  320. Reply

    Is there anything sweeter?

  321. Reply

    So precious!

  322. Reply

    That’s so cute

  323. Reply

    OMG that face !!!

  324. Reply


  325. Reply


  326. Reply

    Yes he can !!!
    Sweet little thing !!!!!!

  327. Reply

    How si cute

  328. Reply

    Surre you can

  329. Reply

    a little cutie love to have a kitten

  330. Reply

    Please do 😉

  331. Reply

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  332. Reply

    Ahhh so sweet!!!!

  333. Reply

    So sweet

  334. Reply


  335. Reply

    Betca that’s a GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. Reply

    Pure unadulterated sweetness galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. Reply

    Sure it can !

  338. Reply

    Oh most definitely Kitty, I insist.

  339. Reply

    I have a long haired gray one on my lap now.

  340. Reply


  341. Reply


  342. Reply

    Any time

  343. Reply


  344. Reply

    I have 10 of those sweet guys. 7 males and 3 females. All have their own little personality. They are so sweet, smart, silly, and I’m crazy about all of them.

  345. Reply

    Precious baby

  346. Reply

    Alexx Davila 🙂

  347. Reply

    such anime eyes!

  348. Reply

    Just adorable!

  349. Reply

    Love him !!

  350. Reply

    Cute kittie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  351. Reply

    Big ears like my Wesley. Like freakin satellites. Connecting with their home planet

  352. Reply

    Jayface, so you lied about the picture…

  353. Reply

    What a cutie

  354. Reply

    I would love it’s guts out!

  355. Reply

    I want this cuties. Right now!

  356. Reply


  357. Reply

    It can curl up on my sheets anytime it wants I just love cats no matter how big or how little

  358. Reply

    My Bubbie…nap time

  359. Reply

    they must be the most adorable creatures on earth, I swear…

  360. Reply

    so cute

  361. Reply

    So cute!

  362. Reply

    Milo likes comfy corners

  363. Reply

    I would take him in a minute!

  364. Reply

    I realize my pet is fully my responsibility however I am swallowing my pride and begging people to please read our story and if you could spare anything to help our precious fur baby it would mean the world to us. I believe in helping animals and I donate regularly to shelters in our area so please no negativity. I understand if people choose not to. This isn’t a scam and the vet info and paperwork is in there feel free to contact them.


  365. Reply

    ANYTIME ❤️

  366. Reply

    That face! He can nap anywhere he wants!

  367. Reply

    oh sweet baby……

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  369. Reply
  370. Reply

    She’s cold

  371. Reply

    adorable looking face

  372. Reply

    How. Very. Cute. ,,??

  373. Reply

    Anytime little one!

  374. Reply

    I want him please

  375. Reply

    Beautiful kitty♡

  376. Reply

    What a sweet little baby, he can curl up with me forever!

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  378. Reply

    So cute

  379. Reply

    Y’all have some beautiful precious babies

  380. Reply

    So sweet

  381. Reply


  382. Reply

    One of your best.

  383. Reply

    she is so cute

  384. Reply

    Adorable! She can lay on my linens anytime, cute cute cute

  385. Reply

    Awwwwwwe Glow Mmi Worm…. Kitties.. 🙂

  386. Reply

    We’ll get one just for you!!!!

  387. Reply


  388. Adorable

  389. I thought same thing

  390. Reply

    awww looks not sure of herself.

  391. Reply

    Looks just like Leo!

  392. Reply

    I know!

  393. Reply


  394. Reply

    Aw, this little cutie can curl up on my bed any time!

  395. Reply

    Of course baby

  396. Reply

    He. Does look scared poor baby

  397. Reply


  398. Reply

    Cuddle cuddle up baby! Very sweet

  399. Reply

    All of our kitties sleep on our bed

  400. Reply

    Looks like miss piggy

  401. Reply


  402. Reply

    of course

  403. Reply

    Brian Stroud we need this baby

  404. Reply

    Awww lol but I think miss Chlo and O are enough! Lol chlo is like having 10 cats!

  405. Reply


  406. Reply

    My baby girl.

  407. Reply
  408. Reply

    Yes u can

  409. Reply


  410. Reply

    Jock Blyth

  411. Reply

    Mine sleep anywhere they wish in my bedroom.

  412. Reply


  413. Reply

    melt <3

  414. Reply


  415. Reply

    Adorable. I would let this baby do whatever it wanted.

  416. Reply

    I miss my kitties.

  417. Reply


  418. Reply


  419. Wickedness so sweet I want one as long as it stays that little

  420. Reply


  421. Reply


  422. Yes baby u can curl up on my bed

  423. Reply

    I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning….my kitty wanted to snuggle. <3

  424. Reply

    So gorgeous

  425. Reply

    @[100002198153506:2048:Donna R. Bannister], We have ENOUGH RESCUES !!! SOFT HEARTED !!!

  426. Reply


  427. That’s how mine sleep lol

  428. Reply

    So tiny and cute

  429. Reply

    Oh my goodness
    So white
    So clean
    So beautiful

  430. Reply

    So Adorable

  431. Reply

    My 3 just love fresh sheets.

  432. Reply

    My little girl sleeps on my lap .

  433. Reply

    He can curl up anywhere he likes.

  434. Reply


  435. Reply

    She likes to crawl into the pillowcase

  436. Reply


  437. Reply

    Awwwww, kitties love fresh, clean sheets!!! How adorable!! 🙂

  438. Reply


  439. Reply

    How’s he doing?

  440. Reply

    PRECIOUS sweet fur balls!!!

  441. Reply

    sweet little baby

  442. Reply

    Precious little angel. Love the blue eyes!!

  443. Reply

    How sweet

  444. Reply

    Very cute

  445. Reply


  446. Reply


  447. Reply

    Anything that cute, can lay anywhere

  448. Reply

    Off topic but I love those bedsheets!

  449. Reply

    Here’s my baby

  450. Absolutely!

  451. Reply


  452. Reply

    My heart just melted ☺️

  453. Reply

    Can I adopt him/her?

  454. Awwww

  455. Reply


  456. Reply

    Looks like my sugarboots when she was little

  457. Reply

    If people would spade and neuter it would be so much better

  458. Reply

    She/he can use my sheet n blankets anytime, and for no extra they get me too!!!!

  459. Reply

    How. cute.

  460. Reply

    Sure can!

  461. Reply

    I have two adorable little kittens up for adoption

  462. Reply


  463. Reply

    That is so cute

  464. Reply

    This is my cat always

  465. Reply

    Cute kitties.

  466. Reply

    You are ok baby.

  467. Right on!

  468. Reply

    @[706534786:2048:Rachel Dollarhide]

  469. Reply

    @[100007083664323:2048:Darian Jones] ❤️❤️

  470. Reply

    Omg. Could it be any cuter?

  471. Reply


  472. Reply

    In Tustin, Orange County, CA.

  473. Reply

    Bird loves it when it’s time to change the sheets.

  474. Reply

    Sooo cute !!!!

  475. Reply

    So sweet love sweet babies

  476. Reply

    Love it when mine sleeps with me and hubby he likes sleeping across our feet and when we try and get up he grabs our feet and bites them it’s his way of saying don’t get up lol

  477. Reply

    Looks like my Charlotte

  478. Reply

    Any time!

  479. Reply

    I can appreciate this.

  480. Reply

    This Is Oddie/ NUB NUB

  481. Reply

    Where is she?

  482. Reply

    So cute love them $#%&!@*cats

  483. Reply

    @[608821772:2048:Netanya Grace]

  484. Reply

    Here kitti kitti.. I want to squish you n hug you n hold you n pet you n here kitti kitti….come bk…lol….

  485. Reply

    I own three that were homeless and now have forever homes!

  486. Reply

    those eyes… *melts*

  487. Reply

    Tiny Kitten, Big Eyes…Heart Melts!!

  488. Reply

    My baby stretched out on our bed:-)

  489. Reply

    Ta monito

  490. Reply

    Darling face like that he can sleep wherever his sweet little heart desires ❤️❤️❤️

  491. Reply


  492. Reply

    Where can I go to welcome them home!!!!

  493. Reply

    You’re allowed cute little kitty.

  494. Reply

    I lay down with my babies all the time. They love to cuddle.

  495. Reply


  496. Reply

    so cute

  497. Reply

    Oh sooooo sweet!

  498. Reply

    Of course little Kitty Angel….

  499. Any time he wants too

  500. Reply


  501. Reply

    Hi Baby

  502. Reply


  503. Reply

    Sweet kitty.

  504. Reply

    Sure sweet little kitty kat…………..you can cat nap all day long.

  505. Reply

    U can curl u my sheets and stay there as king a as u want to!

  506. Reply

    Of course what a sweetheart

  507. Reply

    so so cute

  508. Reply

    His name is Bunny. 🙂

  509. Reply


  510. Reply

    Awwwww <3

  511. Reply

    Your wish is my command!

  512. Reply

    I love cats and kittens too! I also love dogs, I’ve a,ways loved animals since I was 2 years old! I can,remember, my dad coming home from work,at the time, we had,a cat named Polo, he was a beautiful cat, and I said to my dad,” snow me how. to hold Polo , dad.He looked at me and said, “are you ready for this? I said yes dad , and I got to hold him , I’ll very special memories of this forever!

  513. Reply

    poor baby looks scared.

  514. Reply

    I love those gorgeous blue eyes…Truly amazing

  515. Reply


  516. Reply

    They are too cute

  517. Reply

    Id curl right up with this little cutie.

  518. Reply

    When Dora or TC are laying on my bed I lay beside them and give them kitty lovin

  519. Reply

    Cute ear poking up 🙂

  520. Reply

    Cutie , anytime !!

  521. Reply

    So Sweet!

  522. Reply

    here too you can cuddle with me any time.

  523. Reply

    anytime <3

  524. Reply

    So sweet!

  525. Reply

    Anytime, litle cutie, at my house!

  526. Reply

    :'( <3

  527. Reply

    you bet you sweet bundle of prrrfection.

  528. Reply

    so so adorable xo

  529. Reply

    Me, too Mona.

  530. Reply

    very cute

  531. Reply

    Me Toooooo!

  532. Reply


  533. Reply

    One of Gods little wonders………….

  534. Reply

    Love it

  535. Reply

    This is so adorable

  536. Reply

    I remember when all of mine were that tiny. Time goes by so fast. Now they are 1, 4,and 5. Still as adorable as ever though. I too would take them all in if I could. Love my kitties.

  537. Reply

    can’t help but love the $#%&!@*ens out of this baby

  538. Reply

    I think that kitty is so cute. Has blue eyes like my husband, could be our child, lol. I need a kitty, but has to be declawed. I am going to try and adopt. God bless all kitties.

  539. Reply

    Me too, I feed all the strays in my neighborhood.

  540. Reply


  541. Reply

    Me too!

  542. Reply

    So very purfect

  543. Reply

    How precious!

  544. Reply

    Cute kitty ♡

  545. Reply

    You can sleep any where you won’t to sleep I want you

  546. Reply

    Lil sweetness!

  547. Sweet baby can curl up where ever sweet little self wants to.

  548. Reply


  549. Reply

    awe what a cutie pie

  550. Reply


  551. Reply

    Sure any time

  552. Reply

    Me toooo!!! It just kills me they have to suffer. I wish I could save all of them.

  553. Reply

    So cute

  554. Reply

    Its adorable just what i need

  555. Reply

    you can sleep anywhere you wish little one

  556. Reply

    I would be insulted if he didn’t…

  557. Reply

    I just shared my lay-down with a sweet kitty-cat.

  558. Reply

    this baby can sleep on my clean laundry and time.

  559. Reply

    Any time

  560. Reply

    I sure do like my Kitten, Were working on good places for him to sleep. Next to the pillow is okay, but he would like to share the pillow, and I won’t let him.

  561. Reply

    They take the best pics and videos. So very photogenic.

  562. Reply

    so very very cute love him..

  563. Reply


  564. Reply

    oh yes and can I cuddle too?

  565. Reply

    cutie pie

  566. Reply


  567. Reply

    So cute…u can come nap with me

  568. Reply

    Yes you can.. You sweet little adorable ball of fur!!

  569. Reply

    Click bait.

  570. Reply

    AAAAAwwwweeee! That’s just too cute for words.

  571. Reply


  572. Reply

    Kittens are so precious. Nothing cuter.

  573. Reply

    yes u may

  574. Reply

    so sweet, I would love you

  575. Reply

    Anytime !

  576. Reply

    Cats are the bestest!

  577. Reply

    That’s so sweet ….

  578. Reply

    Awwww…too cute!

  579. Reply

    Aww poor baby!! So cute…I wish I could take it…

  580. Reply

    Oh, How sweet!

  581. Reply

    i love my cat’s

  582. Reply

    Omc sqqqqqquuu eeeeeeeee

  583. Reply

    how sweet…..

  584. Reply

    How can you say, “No” to that precious little face?

  585. Reply

    Aww so CUTE!

  586. Reply

    Awe..I want him the baby is so cute

  587. Reply

    Sweet baby

  588. Reply

    Sooo cute made my morning

  589. Reminds me of my beautiful Isabelle

  590. Reply

    Anytime <3

  591. Reply

    She looks like my Babydoll. <3

  592. Reply

    He. Alfie.

  593. Reply

    Is this kitten one who golden retriever mothered it???

  594. Reply

    Looks just like one of my kittens I saved at two days old & his Sister…Did not want to get attached so I named them Brother & Sissy well 17 years later. BOTH Brother & Sissy are still here

  595. Reply

    This baby girl was 5 weeks old when we got her – we had to bottle feed her for the first week because she was so scared. She’s a year and a half old now and a handful! The smartest cat I’ve ever had 🙂

  596. Reply

    Her name is Jaynee

  597. Reply

    Awwwww ♡♡♡♡♡

  598. Reply


  599. Reply

    How cute is this!!!

  600. Reply

    Awwww such a sweet cut little Kitty…

  601. Reply

    Very cuite

  602. Reply

    Sweet ♡

  603. Reply

    Little nugs 🙂

  604. Reply

    Soooo precious 🙂

  605. Reply

    Anytime cutie

  606. Reply

    Of course it is

  607. Reply

    Awwww. So sweet. Yes he could do in my bed

  608. Reply

    Well of course its ok

  609. Reply


  610. Reply

    Of course…mine all do!!

  611. Reply

    So cute!

  612. Reply

    Omg cuteness overload!!

  613. Reply

    Looks like my febi when she was a baby…

  614. Reply

    Such a cutie pie!! 🙂

  615. Reply

    Of course.The worst thing you can do a with a pet is give it a house but not a home.They want to be one of us.

  616. Reply

    Yes you may!

  617. Reply

    Cute little baby nice blue eye’s

  618. Reply

    So sweet !

  619. Reply


  620. Reply

    So cute

  621. Reply

    I would curl up with that sweet kitty. Such a cutie.

  622. Reply


  623. Reply

    That’s the only furniture I let my pets on.

  624. Reply

    SO adorable, and what a cute expression! 🙂

  625. Reply

    How cute

  626. Reply

    So adorable!

  627. Reply


  628. Reply

    She could sleep on my lap anytime she wants. What a beautiful kitten

  629. Reply


  630. Reply

    Oh and I LOVE kitties!

  631. Reply


  632. Reply

    Tulip loves helping with laundry

  633. Reply

    Ohhhhh baby Lopaka!!

  634. Reply

    Anything……for this beautiful baby !!!

  635. Reply

    One day I will have a farm and I’ll rescue all kitties & cats!!!!!!

  636. Reply

    Nothing like curling up with my 8yr old black cat names summer that loves to sleep right next to you and get her ears rubbed. ♡ she’s my heaven on earth

  637. Reply

    Awwww…..of course you can!

  638. Reply

    Please don’t declaw it …thats actually an amputation that’s outlawed in some states. Cripples some cats actually; puts them in pain for the rest of their lives. You can train kitty to not scratch your furniture with a scratch post

  639. Reply

    Good job

  640. Reply

    This looks like my latest rescue only he’s much bigger already. A sweetheart for sure!!

  641. Reply

    That perfectly alright.vft

  642. Reply

    Thats perfectly alright.

  643. Reply

    He is beautiful!!

  644. Reply

    Precious baby❤

  645. Reply

    Lol yeah

  646. Reply

    Me too!

  647. Reply

    That is cut

  648. Reply


  649. Reply

    Very cute!

  650. Reply

    Adorable ❤️

  651. Reply

    Sure, if my big kitties will let you!

  652. Reply

    Me too

  653. Reply

    aww so cuteeee

  654. Reply

    Sheree Amber Hayes

  655. Reply


  656. Reply


  657. Reply

    Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur sleepy kitty kitty purr purr purr

  658. Reply

    Love it

  659. Reply

    Not to sure it’s ok are you sweet baby

  660. Reply

    By all means.

  661. Reply

    Works for me !!

  662. Reply

    Love cats enjoy friend a wonderful Weekend , Patricia Krafczek Xo

  663. Reply

    Thank you Sweetheart Mario Bruno have a beautiful day sweet friend cheers

  664. Reply


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  667. Reply

    This little baby could take a nap on my bedsheets any time it wanted too….so adorable….

  668. Reply

    Awwww….. tooo cute !

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