Happiness Is A House Full of Cats

Do you consider yourself to be a “crazy cat lady”? I do. I am crazy about cats; love ’em, love ’em, love ’em! I only have one, but I would love to have 10 – if I had the time to take care of that many. But I talk about cats so much that people often call me a crazy cat lady. I take it as a compliment, and just grin.

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady or Fabulous Friend to Felines?

There are a few other definitions of what a “crazy cat lady” is. One says that it is a single woman who dotes on her cat or cats. Ok. But does she have to be single?

Another says it is a woman who is “romance-challenged”, or too busy for romance because she is on “the career path”. In that case, who better than a cat for company?

And then there are people who just like their pets more than they like people.

Naftali Berrill, Ph.D., Director of the New York Center for Neuropsychology and Forensic Behavioral Science told AOL Health, “These may be people who have a very hard time expressing themselves to other people. They may find the human need for affection is met most easily through a relationship with a pet.”

In that case, isn’t it nice that those people have a nice, sweet kitty to share their life with?

Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome

And then there is the cat hoarder. These are the people you hear about on the news, the ones that have an excessive number of cats kept in filthy conditions; far more than they have room for or can properly care for. But guess what? There may be a reason for that behavior.

Recent research indicates a link between the parasite T. gondii, which sexually reproduces exclusively in cats, and numerous psychiatric conditions, including OCD. The compulsive hoarding of cats, a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), has long been associated with “crazy cat ladies”. Mass media has drawn on this stereotype to coin the term Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome to refer to the association between T. gondii and psychiatric conditions.

Not quite sure if I understand the connection. Maybe the parasite in the cat transfers to the human and causes them to become OCD about having lots of cats in the house?

The way I see it, as long as you’re taking good care of all your kitties, staying within the law about how many you can have, and keeping your house and the litterboxes clean, whose to say you’re crazy? Except maybe in a good way!

This is probably more cats than I would feel comfortable with. What about you?

Crazy Cat Lady

The same here, but to each their own!

Cat Lady
Come on in!

I guess the word has gotten around.

40 and Single?
So what do you think? What’s a good number of cats to have? Have you ever been called a crazy cat lady? Do you know someone who is?

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  1. Reply

    We had 4 once; only one now…. Two is probably better per the cats!

  2. Reply

    aaaw Erika HR mira los gatitos :3 me gustan esos dibujos X3

  3. Reply

    my kinda house

  4. Reply

    My husband & I we have 13. But we have a very large house and all are spoiled rotten! Half the time you wouldn’t even know we had one cat LOL. Also helpful tip… Fresh step crystals .. amazing litter

  5. Reply

    i am i am

  6. Reply

    You have a houseful, Gina-Rich Martorana ! Good to know about the Fresh Step crystals!

  7. Reply

    I am a fabulous friend to felines, I only have 4 😉

  8. Reply

    Of course.

  9. Reply

    i am

  10. Reply

    I am a crazy cat lady.

  11. Reply

    Guilty as charged!

  12. Reply

  13. Reply

    2 is a good number…

  14. Reply

    yes and proud of it… but only have 2 !

  15. Reply

    Well, I had 2 but then a really pretty cat had a litter of 6 in my back yard this summer. then 2 kittens died so I took mama and the remaining 4 kittens in so now I have 7 cats. But my garage guy said he has 9.

  16. Reply

    I have been called that before…

  17. Reply

    I have 9 (did have more, but 1 got shot and some killed on the road and some just came up missing) that go in and out, but stay in at night during the hard winter weather, and got about 5 strays that come to eat also!!

  18. Reply

    I figure they cost roughly $50 a month, allowing for those medical emergencies that can arise during their lifetime, so 2 is my limit. If money was no issue, then I would use the number of interior doors that could be used to segregate them, should a need arise.

  19. Reply

    One can NEVER have enough kitties!!

  20. Reply

    I have 2 indoor cats and 4 outdoor cats, there all fixed

  21. Yes,I’m one,but never been called one to my face,anyway!

  22. I’d like to have a house full,all colors and all boy cats ! They are more lovable!

  23. Reply


  24. Reply

    Yes I am called that all of the time, I have 5 cats 4 were adoped. A friend even got me the sign that says ‘That’s Ms Crazy Cat Lady to You’ lol I just love it

  25. Reply

    Christine Bindas McCauley

  26. Reply

    Looking at all of these posts, I guess I am the true Crazy Cat Lady here. I house over 20 rescued cats in a 5 room cat sanctuary and have a yard full of once feral but now friendly strays. I am deeply involved in TNR and I think the cats have spread the word to come here to get fixed, get their shots and most importantly, get fed. I would have it no other way! Am I crazy or what? I love each and every one so dearly! <3

  27. Reply

    yes I am,4 in and 8 outside

  28. Reply

    Independent Feline Advocate. Have five and one missing. A six pack is my limit. Spent three hours with about 30 shelter cats today.

  29. Reply

    Only 2 now but I have had 9 at one time.

  30. Yes me ,my kids call me that

  31. 3 that are mine and 3 i rescued,and all doing well

  32. Reply

    Only 4 but would have more if my husband would allow it

  33. Reply

    Yes, I’ve been a “crazy cat lady.” I only have one now left from a group of 10 rescued cats. I’m sure you can have too many cats, but I haven’t determined exactly what that number would be. 😀

  34. Reply

    Nathalie Ampuero-Kornbluth lol this be me 😉

  35. Reply

    I have 5 total; 4 tuxedos and 1 Himalayan; love, love, love them all! 🙂

  36. Reply

    Yes, But I’ve been called just Crazy!! LOL 🙂 I have 1 my Son has 6 But I take care of Them 🙂

  37. Reply

    I only have one cat, but would have more I were allowed.

  38. Reply

    i am definitely an old cat lady..i have 20..trying to find homes for 6 kittens..and that will put me at 14..LOVE my cats..<3

  39. Reply

    i only have 8 cats most are rescues, i love them all and dont mind being a crazy cat lady

  40. Reply

    When I call in to the vets office…they know me as the crazy cat lady 🙂 I have 4 inside and about 25 feral/semi-feral outside. Wishing I had the resources to TNR the outside ones…here the vets do not do discounted unless you can bring in 3 at a time (and its still $250 for 3)

  41. Reply

    that’s me!

  42. Reply

    Had 3 am down to 2. I know not of what you speak, this cat lady!!!

  43. Reply


  44. I have 5 boys inside, 4 of which were once feral. I also have about 20 outside feral that I feed and provide shelter for. Some have been neutered and we’re working on catching more.

  45. I know several crazy cat ladies, of which I am one…..we all work at or for shelters, and rescue, and have multiple cats, around whom our lives revolve….and we are happy, and don’t care what anyone else thinks of us !!

  46. Reply

    I am yhe crazy cat lady in WHITMIRE S,C. have about 15 kittens from 3 to 5 to 1 month old inside right now must find homes.all litter trained,and very sweet all colors,been hands on from 8 days old.7 big cats inside the oldest being 14 years old.And about 16 outside.they are al;l healthy can,t keep all , i am disable and don,t make much,i love them all.n

  47. Reply

    Uh … one cat is definitely enough for me!!

  48. Reply

    I am the crazy cat lady. only have three, but would have many more if I could.

  49. Reply

    YEP ME

  50. Reply

    Jennifer, I understand you completely and also considered myself the “Cat Woman”….there is a sad story that follows but I will always be an animal lover….. I appreciate what you do !! Cleaning liter boxes and hairballs is not fun and getting scratched and sometimes bitten….but we do it all for LOVE !! Not many people understand our feelings or dedication !!

  51. Reply


  52. Reply


  53. Reply

    I currently have 5 (plus those that hang out outside) The craziest I ever got was when I had 16.

  54. Reply

    #10, all rescues

  55. Reply

    I have 9 (all rescues) in my house and have been called the crazy cat lady more times than I can count! All of my cats are fully vetted and spayed/neutered and well loved so I take the crazy cat lady comment as a compliment

  56. Reply

    Yep!! I’m a crazy cat lady, for sure.

  57. Reply

    Jennifer your a wonderful person to help so many cats. There should be more people like you. Even if you can only have 1 at least your helping that one cat. Thank you for all that you do.

  58. Reply

    By the way we have 5 and I love them so much. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

  59. Am a crazy cat lady. I have six. One outside, 5 inside and 2 dogs. People call it my zoo. (I also have a fish tank… love them too). Oh yeah, and all the birdies that chatter at me when their feeder is low!

  60. We have 4 indoor kitties!

  61. Reply

    Three would be my limit. Our city actually has an ordinance that one cannot have more than 3 dogs/cats at the same time (NOT the reason for my limit of 3). I would think this would be hard to enforce, though.

  62. Reply

    I have been called a “cat lady” & only have 2. The person tried to back out of the insult but I took it as one & knew that was the intention. I told them 2 cats do not qualify as that!

  63. Reply

    Yes I do how about it Norma?

  64. I have 10. Rescued,bottle fed, a stray who had 6 kittens, ( found homes for 4) 1 found on the street and one in our woodpile.

  65. Reply

    I have 8!

  66. Reply

    I am indeed, the most at one time was 11. IF I had money I’d have more but right now I’m down to 4.

  67. Reply

    Good job

  68. Reply

    14 and counting me crazy no people who don’t spay and neuter are

  69. Reply

    we have four in and four out that are strays.

  70. Reply

    raises her hand proudly! Rescues = 4 kitties and 1 human (me) … they rescued me right back! 🙂

  71. Reply

    7 here all rescues. Including the 2 dog who know cats rule.

  72. Reply

    I am a crazy cat lady. I have had 4 cats for 30 years…. one goes one shows up. 🙂

  73. Reply

    I’m a CCL!! All found me and all are spayed/neutered. If I cross paths with any animal needing help/intervention I will always help it <3

  74. Reply

    Yes it is.

  75. Reply

    Guilty as charged

    • July 25, 2014


  76. Reply

    I think there should be at least 2 to keep them company. I usually have 3 but I have 2 ferals also in the back yard that will stay with me for their full lifespan.

  77. I am and very proud of it.

  78. Reply

    I have 4 all indoor kitties and my kids call me the crazy cat lady!! I don’t care I love all of my kitties!! <3

  79. Reply

    I am a crazy cat lady 🙂 I only have 8 though

  80. That definitely would be me; I would be one of those kitty hoarders …if it weren’t for my husband who somehow tolerates the few kitties I have.

  81. Reply

    Every cat has a different personality. When it comes to feeding time, all bets are off. Keep those litter boxes clean!

  82. Reply

    And proud of it!

  83. Reply

    Jennifer you are a special person!

  84. Reply

    You’re doing great. But…ouch…$$$$$ Where do live? I am here in the Los Angeles area and we have a great place that TNR for free. Have you checked if there is one available near you?

  85. Reply

    Live in north central Texas, the next county over had spays for $20 in June limit four but you had to make appointments…never know if you will catch any or not. Last time I put out a live trap I ended catching a big fat possum 🙂 he was relocated to a country road outside of town. Right now it is pushing 100 degrees too hot to trap anything. Have had some unexpected medical expenses come up…me, my son and one of my inside babies.

  86. Reply

    Ya Damn Skippy!!!…. I Only Have 4 Purrrbabies!!!…. But If’n I Could Have Them…. They’d At Least A Couple More Furrrr Sure!!!!…<3 (Y) =D

  87. Reply

    I have 26 very happy cats!!!

  88. Reply

    I have feral I feed, most have been spayed and neut.. the ones I have been able to trap. bottle feed and found homes for quite a few babies and have 6 bottle fed cats in my house that are ages 10 to 1., they have my heart… I have been called the cat lady many times.. but I love kitties… even wild , they need fed. .. and they grow to trust

  89. Reply

    Yea I do….

  90. Reply

    I have 2 now, at one time I had 9, all but one were related.We took them in for shots 2 by 2, it was funny.I love kitties.

  91. Reply

    I once had forty cats and now I have eight. I love them as my own.

  92. Reply

    I have 3. Am down from 4 as we had to have our senior cat put down last August (she was 14 1/2 and had renal failure, she was a special needs cat as she had deformed front paws.). Three seems to be a good number, but I still get called the crazy cat lady by my family!

    • Nadine Molloy
    • July 26, 2014

    Let’s see I have 14 of my own cats plus I have a cat rescue so I have 13 cats in my rescue waiting for adoptions and 2 I am fostering for a deployed solider which makes a total of 29! And I love every one of them. They are all very well cared for, happy, healthy and loved. My house is very clean and does not smell. I am proud to be a Crazy Cat Lady. <3

  93. Reply

    Nadine Molloy says:
    “Let’s see I have 14 of my own cats plus I have a cat rescue so I have 13 cats in my rescue waiting for adoptions and 2 I am fostering for a deployed solider which makes a total of 29! And I love every one of them. They are all very well cared for, happy, healthy and loved. My house is very clean and does not smell. I am proud to be a Crazy Cat Lady. <3"
    From: https://www.kittenswhiskers.com/happiness-is-a-house-full-of-cats/comment-page-2/#comment-1975

  94. Reply

    From: https://www.kittenswhiskers.com/happiness-is-a-house-full-of-cats/comment-page-2/#comment-1948

  95. Reply

    ME!!!! 16 rescued ferals! Ages 1-7!

  96. Reply

    Jennifer, you are awesome to care for all of these fur babies:)

  97. Reply

    no I consider myself a cat guardian they are my family

  98. Reply

    Looks just like home!

  99. Reply

    We have seven in the house and two outside.

  100. Reply

    Yep I am a crazy cat lady. I currently have 8 in my house but take care of 15 feral cats and kittens at an abandoned gas station I use to stop at.

  101. Reply

    I have 2 and my family calls me the Fairy Cat Mother lol.

  102. Reply

    Four lovies

  103. Reply

    yes I have been called a “cat Lady” at one time , had about 20 outside kitties, have only 6 now

  104. I have 9.

  105. Yes! Me.

  106. Reply

    yes I have been called the crazy cat lady. I have 6 insides,and 8 outside all strays and feral all fixed. very friendly.

  107. Reply

    I currently have 15 divided between 2 houses that sit side by side. I have a catroom on one of the houses that the cats can climb and scratch anything in the room that they want. I futon to sleep on. Shelves up high to lay on, windows that have shelves in front of them to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I’m in the process of adding the same kind of room on the second house. So … yes … I AM a crazy catlady. They are my kids. They have their breakfast before I have my coffee. Dinner before I have mine. I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for the world. <3

  108. Not as crazy as some but I have 3. Would love more.

  109. Reply

    you win!

  110. Reply

    yes all rescued from a tiny kitten that had to be bottle feed

  111. Reply

    OMG….this is me….

  112. Reply

    They don’t have to call me that, I know I am. I have 3 and that is a good number for me. One is not enough but 3 is enough to give all individual attention.

  113. Reply

    Yes I am!!

  114. Reply

    I am!

  115. Reply

    I could fit in this picture very nicely 🙂

  116. Reply

    2-3 is a good # as far as food & medical cost are concerned, but I reached my limit at 5 now when I couldn’t turn the last 2 away. Homeless & starving both of them so my # grew.

  117. Reply

    Any more than can be taking care of properly would be too many – for that is one or more , for others one is too many …

  118. Reply


  119. Reply

    I love this, what about you.

  120. I have always had 4 – thru the last 37 years; I have rescued them all from shelters, 4 cats in the house was a good number for me.

  121. Reply

    have 5 here in a small apt ,but they arnt in the street where i found them,5 is my limit

  122. Reply

    We have some where between 20 – 30 cats and kittens. oldest is 14, also 3 dogs oldest is 23

  123. I can’t do more than 3 cats, just too many. I love cats, but there is a limit!

    • Paulette
    • July 28, 2014

    I have 3 cats, 2 are mine, one is my sons. I could do with only one of them, my favorite guy Jinx. I take good care of all of them, and they are happy. My oldest one is Boo, she is half blind, she is 9, Garth is 8 (my sons cat) and Jinx is 7.

  124. Reply

    They call me crazy every day, so much so that it gets to me now. 18 fabulous felines in my home.

  125. Reply

    I just go through the line over and over again. I bought 480 cans in the last 2 weeks, it was on sale.

  126. Reply

    I only have 2 cats at this time but I aspire to be a crazy cat lady!

  127. Reply

    The most I’ve had is 3 and that was living in a one bedroom apt (we did have a 3 bedroom apt. and a 3bedroom house first).. I love cats so 3 in a one bedroom wasn’t too much for me but then again gotta really be on the cleaning up end of things

  128. Reply

    5 indoor, & 5 ferals outdoor. Yes I’ve been called that but I’m not crazy LOL

  129. Yes I do at one time I had 8 and my brother had one now we have 6 and promised myself no more but it is so hard 🙂

  130. Have 6 indoor kitties and atleast 4 ferals i feed every night.

  131. Reply

    let them say what they will, some people just enjoy saying mean things, why i’ll never understand…if other people only helped and took care of their OWN to begin with..we wouldn’t have this overpopulation of cats! i myself have only 4, i get called a crazy cat lady anyway (just a joke? of course)…i found 2 of them on the streets..and many before them that way throughout my life…have loved them all with all my heart!!!…BLESS the full time rescuers.. with hearts and houses full of cats (or any other needy animal) love & compassion.. who are willing to give SO much time, money few have to spare, love & care to all the strays, ferals, unwanted, discarded ones by people who turn their heads, then name call..i understand it can get overwhelming for some (when they’re trying to help the ones others abandon!) and can turn into a hoarding situation which we all know is not healthy for them or the animals, but there are many who take VERY GOOD care of many animals and it makes me mad when people say negative things …i thank u <3 not everyone has what it takes….i always say if crazy cat lady means i'm crazy about my cats the yeah i am one!

  132. Reply

    I have 4 cats and I feed 4 strays <3

  133. Reply

    Yes, I do. You say Crazy Cat Lady like it’s a bad thing – lol.

  134. Yes, I have been called a crazy cat lady. I have adopted 8 strays. I love them so much, and I would have more if I could afford them. I love dogs also. I think I need a farm. Then all would be welcome.

  135. A proud and loving Crazy Cat Lady. A good mom.

  136. Reply

    My vet told me 6 is the cut off (she has 6!) I had 6 but am now at 5 leaving room in case someone needs me.

  137. Reply

    I only have 11 cats and kittens inside Jennifer. And have 4 outside.

  138. Reply

    Paulette says:
    “I have 3 cats, 2 are mine, one is my sons. I could do with only one of them, my favorite guy Jinx. I take good care of all of them, and they are happy. My oldest one is Boo, she is half blind, she is 9, Garth is 8 (my sons cat) and Jinx is 7.”
    From: https://www.kittenswhiskers.com/happiness-is-a-house-full-of-cats/comment-page-3/#comment-2023

  139. Reply

    I have 5 and the above pic looks like our one room apartment. We are happy.

  140. sure do and proud of it

  141. Reply

    I personally know a Crazy Cat Lady very well.

  142. Reply

    This is an all to familiar sight at our house. Most of our cats have come a knocking . . .

  143. Reply

    I AM. LOL!!!!

  144. Reply

    I don’t have any now…. maybe again some day, but at one point, I had 12 that lived in my home and 30ish I took care of who lived in my yard. I miss my babies, but again one day I will have a couple. And, YES i was called a crazy cat lady! I was pretty proud of that. 🙂

    • Lori
    • July 29, 2014

    I AM THE CRAZY CAT LADY!!! At least in our neighborhood! Have 12 now, but have been up to 15 at a time. Most of my kitties are now getting old & loosing them one or two a year. Just lost a 16 year old & a 14 year old—have another that is 18! Most of ours are rescue kitties—all fixed & 90% indoors! We have an invisible sign in our yard that says—–ALL STRAYS WELCOME!!!!! (and we take them in!!!)

  145. Reply

    Lori says:
    “I AM THE CRAZY CAT LADY!!! At least in our neighborhood! Have 12 now, but have been up to 15 at a time. Most of my kitties are now getting old & loosing them one or two a year. Just lost a 16 year old & a 14 year old—have another that is 18! Most of ours are rescue kitties—all fixed & 90% indoors! We have an invisible sign in our yard that says—–ALL STRAYS WELCOME!!!!! (and we take them in!!!)”
    From: https://www.kittenswhiskers.com/happiness-is-a-house-full-of-cats/comment-page-3/#comment-2059

  146. Reply

    I’m Guilty!

  147. Reply


  148. ¡Precioso!

  149. jeje

  150. baby catie

  151. Reply

    Love cats I could be a crazy cat lady.

  152. Reply

    Angelie Anton

  153. Reply

    i am a crazy cat lady,i have 20 indoor babies,ages from 6 months to 14 yrs old…plus 4 dogs….love my babies….

  154. Reply

    I love how people on here are so willing to call themselves crazy cat ladies

  155. Reply

    hahahahaha i know right?!

  156. Reply

    I consider my self a crazy cat lady and love the title!!! I am a responsible pet owner and make sure all of my fur babies are “fixed” and vet cared!

  157. 🙂

  158. Reply


  159. Reply

    My grandsons call me the crazy cat lady cause I feed all the neiborhood cats cause there owners will not feed them

  160. Reply

    had a kitty that would climb on porch roof and beat on our bed room window to get in

  161. Reply

    Adoption of another kitten would solve this kitty’s problem. Cute but kind of sad, too.

  162. Reply

    I don’t but that’s what my mother calls me. Only have 5, all rescues

  163. Reply


  164. Reply

    cute kitty

  165. Reply


  166. Reply

    I have 19,plus two feral fosters…

  167. Reply

    I too am a crazy cat lady with a sanctuary called Catazona where I care for 78 cats. At one time, I had 115 but health concerns are forcing me to close. You can check all of us out on our FB page and see what everyones up to.

  168. Reply

    Someone dropped a cat off at my house on Halloween, now she is expecting babies. Oh…. What to do….I don’t want any cats. Please advise. I had a beautiful feral cat, she got somewhat tame, but not like other cats, most beautiful cat ever.

  169. just 6!!!!!!! and we love them!!!

  170. Reply

    This makes me want to cry for some reason.

  171. Reply

    i know a couple of wonderful cat ladies

  172. Reply


  173. Reply

    Just let the baby in

  174. Reply

    26th of last month

  175. Reply

    Look at thoses Cute faces !!!!

  176. Reply

    Most of the women in our family would qualify as crazy cat ladies. <3

  177. Reply

    She shouldn’t have been out in the first place.

  178. Reply

    yes I am a crazy cat lady. I have 16 kittens alone plus all the adults. they are all barn cats plus I have 3 in the house. the 3 in the house I consider rescue. 1 I got from my brother-in-law who found her in his tree and there dog had other plans so they gave her to me, my 2nd was rescued at work, she was a kitten and was in the ally way, she would not eat so I brought her in the house, my 3rd I found in the machine shed as a baby. I feed him by bottle and now he is 25pds and lets me know he’s the boss. he also lets his 2 sisters know he maybe the youngest but he is the biggest of the 3. they are all my babies.

  179. Reply

    E periculoasa rau.

  180. Reply

    I could see myself as this lady. Love cats.

  181. Reply

    yes, by my kids but they forget they are the ones that brought the kittens home and left them with me when they moved out. So they are now my 3 boys from my 3 boys.

  182. Reply

    looks like my neighbors cat

  183. Reply

    OMG so cute

  184. Reply

    rock on Jennifer!!

  185. Reply

    The number 3 is the Holy Trinity. Three is the most I ever had in my house and sleeping in my bed with me . . . it is the magic number.

  186. Reply

    LOVE that little face! <3

  187. Reply

    I have 6 now..

  188. Reply


  189. Reply

    omgee poor babay

  190. Reply

    I once picked up a Rusty-colored cat that was lying on the side of the road dead. I gave him a good burial. I didn’t care who saw me or that they thought I was crazy. I passed him several times on the way to and from work. I couldn’t stand it any more. So now whenever I go that way, I think of him and I’m glad I did it. Does this count for a “crazy cat lady?”

  191. Reply

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  193. Reply

    That would be me – however, I only have 3 right now.

  194. Reply

    This is our three-year-old, Miss Precious when she was about one year old. She was dumped near our house, and came to us on Sunday, July 31, 2011. Our front door was open; she meowed very loudly, we opened the door, and she has been here ever since.

  195. Reply

    They call me “the cat lady”

  196. Reply

    aaawwww… it’s hot out there…let the baby in……her “tootsies” are hot…..

  197. Reply

    Kharly Latimer

  198. Yes I’ve been called crazy cat lady and I guess I am !!! LoL. Have 9 cats

      • DEANNA Franz
      • February 21, 2015

      Our sons call me a crazy cat lady but we just have 4 right now, we rescured Wendy and could not leave her daughter outside as the weather was gtting colder, so my husband brought both of them inside to live with us and our 2 other cats all but Mikey have been rescued, we did adopt Mikey but his mother was rescued from the south hifh parking lot or yard, by our older son’s senior senior English Teacher.
      Deanna Franz

  199. 2 is perfect for me, one hand for each. I have had up to 8 and I have been called a crazy cat lady. I just have one, now and that is purrfect as I’m trying to live on disability. I just love her so much.

  200. Reply

    Judy L Hartzheim

  201. Reply

    Judy L Hartzheim is, I have never known anyone like her. She has a cat walk built on to her house so they will all be protected. Wonderful person she is.

  202. Reply

    And she loves each one dearly, you have to see how she is with them.x

  203. I use to rescue cats,before our income took a major drop.But always kept a limit of 5 so that I could give them the good care they needed.Close to 70 & husband in 70s so the limit is just our 2 srs. Lili 20 & Bastian 18.

  204. Reply

    Destiny, I can picture the clerk cowering, lol. But I’m glad she got the food she needed!

  205. Reply

    Elaine Lang, yes you are definitely a “crazy cat lady”. Welcome to the club. You are a very kind-hearted person 🙂

  206. Reply

    Michelle, you are not really crazy, you are a good-hearted person. There are plenty just like you – read these comments and you will see!

  207. Reply

    You are not crazy…you just have a very big heart! I am right there with you!

  208. Reply

    Thanks! I know I am not like most and I am OK with that.

    • Glory Gilbreath
    • January 22, 2015

    I have around 30 cats that live in my home at this very moment. About 95% of them have been rescued or shown up on my door step from off the streets!! someone has to love them and care for them cause nobody else will!! Call me crazy but I wouldn’t give up a single one of them. I just wish I had some acres to fence in for them.

  209. Reply

    Glory Gilbreath says:
    “I have around 30 cats that live in my home at this very moment. About 95% of them have been rescued or shown up on my door step from off the streets!! someone has to love them and care for them cause nobody else will!! Call me crazy but I wouldn’t give up a single one of them. I just wish I had some acres to fence in for them.”
    From: https://www.kittenswhiskers.com/happiness-is-a-house-full-of-cats/comment-page-5/#comment-8640

  210. Reply

    There is no amount if u have love it can go along way

  211. Reply

    @[100001430596886:2048:Becky Bull]

    • NanCy cat lady
    • February 11, 2016

    I have 8 in my house, 1 on front porch adopted me, 1 on back porch, I trapped and had fixed, she was having litter after litter. I thought I would never see her again once I trapped her; she has been on back porch for 12 years. I also feed the hungry ones at the dumpster, so sad, people throw them out like trash and let them fend for their selves and a 2 week old baby cannot. Cats are very special and so are we, the people who rescue and feed them

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