Healthy Human Food Your Cat Can Eat

Cat Eating Dinner
You love your kitty, and you want to feed him only the very best possible diet. Paying attention to your cat’s diet will pay off over their lifetime and can help them avoid many illnesses.

Dry vs Wet Food

Wet food is generally considered to be a better choice for cats; they require water with their food as they do not have a strong urge to drink if they are thirsty. If you do use dry kibble, be sure to check the label to see that it has high quality proteins, and is not overloaded with carbs. To avoid risky dehydration try to balance between wet and dry cat food.

Cats Are Meat Eaters

Cats are classified as carnivores; they need meat in order to develop and grow into a healthy cat. There is still controversy about whether cats are able to go vegan; they can draw some nutrients from vegetables, but they need meat to survive. However, baked carrots, broccoli or some green beans can be healthy for your pet, in small portions, of course. Mixing a bit of greens in with their regular diet can help them become a happy cat.

Your cat can handle human food, if fed occasionally and if you make the right choices. But not all human food is good for your little friend.

When serving your cat fish, first of all be careful what kind of fish you are feeding them. While tuna is good, too much can cause a vitamin E deficiency. Also, preparing a lot of carnivorous types of fish can cause mercury poisoning. Always check with your vet to find out what is safe.

Milk – Not That Good

We all like to treat our cats with milk, and it is a common concept that cats like milk. But, you have to be careful what you feed your little feline friend, as most cats become lactose intolerant when they reach adulthood. If you wish to feed your cat dairy products, give them small portions to see how they react; if they have a quick run to the litter box, then be careful. Dairy products are best when reserved as an occasional treat for your cat.

Fruits Are A Delight

Watermelon Treat for KittyAfter a good meal everyone deserves a small dessert, even your pet. Fruit is always a good choice, depending on which one, of course. Having a banana, especially frozen in small portions, is an excellent treat for kitty; it contains high levels of magnesium and potassium. Sharing a small piece of watermelon is also a very nice treat for your cat and also helps with their diet, it tastes good and contains a lot of water.

Apples are another fruit you can give occasionally. Apples contain vital vitamins and a decent amount of water. Just make sure to remove the core and seeds, as they can be poisonous.

The No-No List

There a few things you should never feed your cat; some food is just too poisonous for their little digestive systems to handle. Grapes and raisins are to be avoided, as are garlic and onions; they all contain compounds that can be toxic to cats. Caffeine in large doses can be fatal to kitty, and even in smaller doses can cause restlessness, rapid breathing, heart palpitations and tremors. Raw eggs are another no-no. Sweets such as candy and chocolate can be lethal, so under no circumstances should you give them any.

Bones are also dangerous for cats, it might surprise you, but they can choke on them.  Even a small splinter can damage their digestive system. Especially steer clear of hollow fowl bones.

Author Catherine Daniels
Guest Author Catherine Daniels, a huge animal lover and freelance writer in her spare time, enjoys hiking with her dog Cookie and cuddling with her cat Zoe.



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