Dog Eating Cat's Food

How To Keep That Pesky Dog Out Of The Cat’s Food

There are nutritional reasons why the dog shouldn’t be eating the cat’s food. Once in a while isn’t going to hurt, but a constant diet of cat food will.

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You’re Getting a WHAT?

Kitty is freaking out because he just overheard his hoomans talking about getting a dog!

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Cats vs. Dogs

Cat vs Dog. Place Your Bets Now!

It’s an age-old rivalry. Cats vs Dogs. Who is in charge of who? Who is the toughest? The baddest? Who RULES? This video may not settle the question once-and-for-all, but it will decide who rules between this pair. Place your bets now!

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Mama Dog

Sweet Mama Dog Takes In Orphaned Kittens

These three kittens were “dumped” off by a lady, and the resident mama dog took them under her wing. But the thing is, she already had seven pups of her own!

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Annie the Dog

Annie the Dog Adopts Orphaned Kittens

When Blair’s brother called her about some orphaned kittens he had found, no one expected Annie the dog to take over mothering them.

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Cat and Dog

How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog Household

Before bringing a cat into a home where a dog is already living, there are a number of things that must be considered.

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Dogs vs. Cats

5 Mean Things Dogs Do To Cats

The myth goes that dogs and cats dislike one another. This may not occur in your house. However, that doesn’t mean that it will always be smooth sailing.

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SPCA Video

ABBA Goes To The Dogs (And The Cats!!)

This video will make you want to adopt right away! You have been warned!

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