Annie the Dog Adopts Orphaned Kittens

Annie the Dog

Dogs and cats don’t get along, right? Well, sometimes they do. When 19-year old Blair Kennedy’s brother called her about some orphaned kittens he had found, she just had to take them in. Blair is an aspiring veterinarian, and she can never say no to an animal in need. When she told her mom her plans, mom just threw up her hands.

“He said the kittens have been here all weekend without their mother, and it was like ‘Oh we got to get them home Momma now,” said Blair. “Dear god in heaven, no more animals,” was [her mom’s] initial response.

The Kittens

But once she saw the kittens, she couldn’t say no. As Blair and her mom were cleaning the kittens, something very unexpected happened. Their dog, Annie, came to investigate the kittens, and immediately took to them. She took over, laying with the kittens, protecting them, comforting them when they cry, and carrying them gently in her mouth when they strayed too far way.

“She just took to them so gently and so loving.  Actually my momma, she teared up a little bit and she said ‘Oh my God, this is amazing,'” said Blair.


It’s always nice to hear about an animal, whether of the same species or not, taking over when little ones need mothering. We think Annie is a great adoptive mom, and Blair and her mom are too!

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