My Cat

Hiding Cat

How to Tame A Feral Cat

Locking a cat in a shed for 8 days without food or water would be nothing but animal cruelty. But in this case, it had the happiest outcome possible!

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Milton the Cat

Milton the Cat’s Matchmaking Service

Milton had met previous suitors with disdain, usually with supreme aloofness and the cruel butt-in-the-face penalty. And damn if he hadn’t been right.

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Adopting A New Roommate

I wanted an animal to come home to each night and my landlord didn’t allow dogs, but did allow cats, so the decision was made for me. I was going to get a cat.

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The Cabinet Cat

My Cats Rocky and Rambo and the Cabinet Cat

My cats are Rocky and Rambo. Rambo has a funny relationship with a ceramic cabinet cat.

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Cat in a tree

How to Get Your Cat Down Out of a Tree

Cats are very athletic. They can quickly and easily climb a tree, but because of the way their claws are constructed, they can’t get down easily.

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