When To Take Your Cat To The Vet

As a cat owner, the most important thing you can do when caring for your cat is make sure that he or she is healthy. Because a cat can’t tell you what is wrong, you must be alert to changes in your cat.

Sick Kitty

Knowing when to call your vet is very important, but sometimes it can be hard to know if there’s really something wrong or not.

Know Your Cat’s Eating Habits

Knowing your cat’s normal behavior is important. First of all, what are his eating habits? Some cats eat their meals in one sitting, while others graze all day, eating just a few bites at a time. If your cat has had a change in appetite, this could indicate a problem. Problems might include vomiting after eating, or refusing to eat at all.

Cat Eating

And Their Elimination Habits

Your cat should also be using the litter box regularly, and diarrhea, constipation, and straining to urinate are all causes for concern. Every cat is different, so make sure to notice how your cat normally eats and eliminates in order to be able to notice when something is wrong.

Cat in Litterbox

Changes in Daily Activities

Your cat’s daily activities should also be business as usual. If your cat is always playing and then suddenly seems less active, you may have cause for concern. However, slowly becoming less active is a natural part of aging, and some cats are naturally just not as energetic as others. Make sure you notice any sudden chances and call your vet if you are concerned. Watch for problems with gait as well, as this could indicate arthritis or injury, among other things.

Grooming Habits

Along with activity, watch your cat’s grooming habits. Cats are very neat and tidy creatures by nature, so your cat should be grooming him- or herself regularly. If your cat stops grooming, or chokes or otherwise seem to be having problems when grooming, it can be cause for concern. Over-grooming may also be dangerous to your cat’s health.

Cat Grooming Self

Emergency Situations

It is also important to know when there is an emergency situation. In general, if there is any doubt in your mind, call your vet or even take your cat straight to the vet’s office. For example, if your cat gets hit by a car, but is not bleeding, you should still have him or her examined, as internal problems could be of concern. You should also consider it an emergency if your cat suddenly has an extreme change in health. For example, if your cat suddenly begins vomiting frequently, he or she may have been poisoned, which can be fatal.

The important thing is to never take matters into your own hands if you are unsure. A vet can make sure that your cat is healthy and happy. As a guardian for your pet, it is your responsibility to provide this care whenever necessary, and its always best to be safe.

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