Achoo! Please Pass Me A Tissue

Cute Kitten in a Tissue Box

When is a kitten just like a human kid? When it comes to toys! You buy your kids educational toys, the latest popular toys, and expensive tech toys, and what do they like best? The box the toy came in!

Well, kittens aren’t much different. You can buy or make them an expensive scratching post, or a high-dollar cat tree or jungle gym, but a simple box will keep them occupied for hours. And when it comes to boxes, there’s nothing like an empty tissue box to bring out a kitty’s curiosity.

They will delight us with their antics, struggling to squeeze into the smallest opening, and then poking their adorable head or a single paw out the opening. You can make it even more fun by hiding a small treat in a corner of the box, or under a tissue.

(Click the images to see these kitthez playing in tissue boxes)

Here’s someone who likes the tissue more than the box it comes in. I wonder if there are any kittehz playing under the tissue?

Puppy in Tissue

What is your cat’s favorite toy? Is it something you made or bought, or something simple like a box?

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    A feathered wand, and a feathered fish. They seem to prefer feathers.

  2. SO CUTE

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  4. <3 <3

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    cats LOVE cardboxes. my cats loved to play hide & seek with a cardbox even when they were two old gentlecats (with that serious look cats always have) but they would stop playing if they noticed someone was watching them. RIP Marquis and Gaston <3

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    Sweet 🙂

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    A curled up pipe cleaner! I call it the WORMIE!

  8. <3 🙂

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    like this page so cute cats……………………

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    In Spanish is “mugrete” i.e. dirty,cheap, not-made-for-play-but funny for cats.

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