At Peace With the World

Buddha and the Cat

In some Buddhist cultures cats are regarded as a holy creature. They are perceived to be one of the more mindful animals and as they are everywhere, have traditionally been useful in keeping down pests such as mice and rats.

We think this Buddha and his buddy seem to be at peace with the world, ready to guard their incense pots from mice and rats or whatever may come.

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  3. Sorry I DON’T like this, as this hurts Buddhist’s feelings as they never make such a set up for fun. Buddha is noble of a main religion. I love kittens very much but respect any religion and culture of others.

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    I apologize Nimali Digo Arachchi, I didn’t realize it would be insulting.

  5. Thanks. But I would never display such a pic on social networking.

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    Both! Funny and majestic! (y)

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