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Shelter Kitten

Right now, shelters and rescues all over America are crying out for help. It’s just past “kitten season” – that time in the spring when so many kittens are born. Many, many, many of them get taken to shelters, and this year has been particularly bad. The shelters are more than overloaded, and many just can not take any more.

Because of this, you will find many rescues and shelters reducing their usual adoption fees, or waiving them altogether. Those fees are not a way for them to profit, they cover shots, food, neutering, and medical attention; anything extra just goes back into running the shelter.

If you have ever thought about getting another cat or kitten, or would like to have the fun of raising some adorable furr-babies just for a while, now is the time to do it! The shelters are also begging for volunteers to help with the overload of kittens. Maybe you could volunteer a couple of hours a week. Check with your local animal shelter to see how you can help.

Even if you can’t adopt or foster, you can do something to help:

If you can – Adopt

  • If you can’t Adopt – Foster
  • If you can’t Foster – Sponsor
  • If you can’t Sponsor – Volunteer
  • If you can’t Volunteer – Donate
  • If you can’t Donate – Educate


Donations don’t have to be large, or pledged monthly. They don’t even have to be money. A single bag of cat food or litter will be greatly appreciated. Do you have some old blankets that a kitty could curl up on?

How do you educate?

Tell anyone who says they are thinking about getting a cat or kitten to adopt from a shelter or rescue. Explain to them how much it would help. Tell them that for each cat they adopt, they are saving not one life, but two – the cat they adopt and the one who gets that spot in the rescue or shelter. Share this post, or the posts from animal shelters near you. Even if you do just one thing, once time, it can make a difference.


Foster Kittens

The following information was posted on our Facebook page, but I am re-posting it here, and then back to the Facebook page, so that hopefully more people will see it.

This shelter in the San Francisco Bay area has gone a step further than most and is offering to pay for the food and supplies needed to foster some kitties – to raise them, in your home, until their furrever homes are found.  In this way, you can help without having to make a long-term commitment. If you live in the Bay area, check it out, or pass the information along. (At the end  of the post, it says that the kitten named “Umbrella” is pictured below. He is actually pictured above the text. But below this text!)

Umbrella the Kitten

Can you help us?
Kittens in Shelter

Help me find a furrever home!

Kitten in Cage

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