Catch Up with Corduroy: The World’s Oldest Cat

Sure, they spend half their lives sleeping or indulging in varying levels of daytime laziness, while snubbing the people and other pets around them. What is often misconstrued as haughtiness in cats, is in fact, a very simple strategy – unlike dogs (who are usually all over the place and not to mention their owners), cats prefer staying away from anything that even remotely endangers them.

Corduroy Cat

That is perhaps the reason why, the handsome Corduroy, now known as the oldest living domestic cat, has lived up to the grand old age of 26.

When he is not finding the perfect spot for his next snooze, or perfecting his puss-in-boots look that begs for a cuddle, Corduroy also poses for his special page on Instagram, which is filled with pictures of him looking as cute-as-a-button, accompanied by innovative captions by his uploader.

His owner, Ashley Reed Okura, says she has had Corduroy since she was just seven years old. It was only recently that the 26-year-old kitty, who resides in the United States, was crowned the oldest living domestic cat by the Guinness World Records. In fact, he takes over from another esteemed cat in the record books, the adorably cute Tiffany Two, who recently found a place in kitty heaven at the ripe old age of 27 years, 2 months and 20 days.

Oldest Living Cat

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Although his owner Ashley was thrilled to discover that Corduroy was a record holder, she says that her cat, displayed classic feline behavior and didn’t seem to express any excitement at the honor bestowed upon him. However, Ashley did buy him a mouse to eat, as a token of celebration, which elicited a certain amount of interest from Corduroy.

“Cats are known to have a life span of only 12 to 15 years, and most of them, even domesticated ones, die when they are in their teens. However, if they are taken care of well and barring any serious medical conditions, indoor tabbies, can live up to 20 plus years.” –

Corduroy might be the oldest living domesticated cat alive today, but he is not the oldest cat in the record books. That honor in fact, according to Guinness officials, goes to Crème Puff, who lived for an astounding 38 years and 3 days!

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(Tiffany’s Image) (Crème Puff’s Image)

Corduroy definitely looks great for his age. How old is your furrbaby?

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  1. Reply

    I HAD A 20,22,AND 24 SO GOOD GOING.

  2. Reply

    Damn!! Oldest one I had was 17. Now let me ask you this. Do they live longer if they’re an inside cat, outside cat or inside/outside cat? Mine was inside/outside cat. Thanks

  3. Reply

    This looks like my cat that lived to be 21 years old. I miss her so much

  4. Reply

    Mine was an outside cat

  5. Reply

    Our lil fur baby Beasty is 10 months. He’s a stinker but we can’t live with out him.

  6. One of mine, beloved Tia, lived to be 19. She was an indoor/outdoor cat. I think it just depends, probably heredity, like humans. Or good clean living!

  7. Reply

    My little girl is around 10 we think, found her outside a few years agao

  8. Reply

    What a beauty too

  9. Reply

    I have one 22!

  10. Reply

    My girls, Missy and Billie will be 17 in April. Paws lived to be 18.

  11. Reply

    only 11….I want to come back as a cat (in a good home)..they never lose their looks…unlike humans.

  12. Reply

    I want to know what cat food they ate?!

  13. Reply

    My Seymour died 2 weeks after his 23rd birthday!He’s been gone 3 years now and my heart still hurts from losing him!

  14. Reply

    maybe a year and a half. just a youngster.

  15. Reply

    He looks beautiful like my cat sam only 10 years old.

  16. Reply

    so awesome ………i have 2 nine year olds, i pray they have long healthy lives

  17. Reply

    Heady is 16, Tippy is 14. Boots is 13. Wiley is 3. Imp is 1, and seeing the vet today for neutering, and is not happy today.

  18. Reply

    Our cat is turning 16 in a couple of days. He is still young at heart, plays with the kittens, attacks us while we sleep, catches mice outside. A real sweet heart!

  19. Reply

    i hope that corduroy lives to be older than creme puff??? i have two is 13 and the other is 6..the 13 year old has no teeth..and still going strong…

  20. Reply

    my oldest is a young 9

  21. Reply

    Kayleecat is now 22!!

  22. Reply

    Kayleecat is 22!! We’ve been thru thick n thin.

  23. Reply

    Mine are 8 now had the 4 since they were wee ones bottle fed them here Poohead (ne of them!

  24. Reply

    My MaineCoon/Manx Tuffi was 19 when she went to the bridge <3

  25. Reply

    Squeaky is 6 years old, Ice is 3 and Kiki lived to be 19 years until we had to euthanize her due to aggressive cancer

  26. Reply

    my 2 cats have past 2015 2016 the oldest was 18 the youngest was 16 fluffy and simba rip .

  27. Reply

    The oldest cat I’ve had lived 21 years and 10 months – Rocky was the sweetest black ever!! He died 3months to the day after my husband!

  28. Reply

    i have three 14 years!!!!!

  29. Reply

    My cat Keeper will be six April 3rd, planning a birthday party for him with friends & family. Even ordered a birthday cake with his picture on it.

  30. Reply

    My tabby, Barclay James lived to be 18 & 1/2. Little bugger was a fighter, right to his last days. I hated letting him go, but I knew I had to. His kidneys were failing badly. :-{ My Mom’s cat, Patches, lived to be 20. She just died of old age, I guess. They are both sadly missed. I still have 2, thank God. 😉

  31. Reply

    My Cat Dusty Is 17 Years Young!

  32. Reply

    My oldest furbaby is 18

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    thanks for that!

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    Valuable Post

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    My Slugger will be 19 in April.Thats 88 in kitty years

  41. Reply

    Yeah Agreed

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  43. Reply

    totally correct 🙂

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  46. Reply

    Anything related to cats is important

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    totally right 🙂

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  51. Reply

    Agreed… Sweet post ?

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    Worlds best super fan !

  53. Reply

    mine made it to 17

  54. Reply

    I had two cats,one lived to be21,the other 17…They out lived some of my friends…

  55. Reply

    You definitely have a point.

  56. Reply

    Well said.

  57. Reply

    Exactly (Y)

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    Totally right.

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    anyone love this post as much as i do ? :

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    My Boo will be 11 next month.

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