Kitty PIctures

Cat with an Aura

Kitteh With An Aura

I am Chi. Feel my life force. I have innate, esoteric energies. I silently stalk your hand or foot, and can pounce upon it at will.

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Beautiful Kitten

The Face of An Angel

Such a pretty kitten. I wonder what she’s thinking?

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Buddha and the Cat

At Peace With the World

In some Buddhist cultures cats are regarded as holy creatures. They are perceived to be one of the more mindful animals.

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Comfy in Bed

Small Kitty Takes Over Owner’s Bed

There’s nothing like sleeping in the summer rain. The pitter-patter of the raindrops on the roof are the purrfect sound to snooze by. In my human’s bed. I really like this bed. Hmmm…I’ve decided. It’s mine now.

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Beautiful Cat

Look Into My Eyes

A beautiful cat with beautiful eyes

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Cute Kitty

No Two Ways About It – I’m Just Cute

My cat momma thinks I am, and my human momma thinks so, too. I try not to be so cute, but I just can’t help it!

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On the swing

Don’t Worry I’ve Got You

This adorable little girl is hanging on to her kitty with both arms. Kitty must feel pretty secure, since he seems to be cuddled in close for a nice nap.

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Upside Down Cat

Upside Down Kitty

Just thought I’d check in on ya. You look kind of busy, maybe you need to take a little break.

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Spring Kitty

Spring Kitty

Spring is here and the “flowers” are growing. This adorable kitty is having fun playing with a dandelion and rolling around in the grass.

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