Cats + Abs Workout with 3 Cute Kitties and 3 Hot Guys!

Hubba, hubba! Here’s an ab workout you won’t want to miss. Three hunky guys and three adorable, adoptable kitties leading you in what’s bound to become your all-time favorite workout!

Ok, it’s not really a follow-along workout, but you’ll groove to the guys’ cute rap about cats and abs, and their hot bodies should have you sweating and your heart pumping in no time. Plus there’s just something about super-masculine men with purrfect bodies loving on little kitties that makes you go “awww”. They call it the “Cats + Abs” workout.

If you live in the New York area, the kitties are up for adoption, at least they were at the time of this writing. As adorable as they are, they’ve probably already found their furrever homes. Hooray for that!

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