Cats With Glasses

How Does Your Kitty See?

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to your furrbabies? Felines see quite a bit differently than humans. They have much better night vision and are able to follow quick-moving objects better than humans. They have a slightly wider field of vision (200 degrees vs 180 for humans), but can not see directly below their noses.

Cats see most colors, but a few less than we do, and the colors are somewhat duller. The things they see are less detailed.

Cats have a third eyelid, which closes from the side. It is often visible when they are sleepy, or when they are sick. Cats don’t need to blink constantly to lubricate their eyes, and that is probably helpful when they are hunting.

The following kitties are wearing glasses, either because they are near-sighted, need UV light protection, or as a fashion statement. Or maybe just because they look so cute with them on.


Tortiseshell Glasses

I said I didn’t want tortoiseshell. But I do look good in them, huh?

Cat with Glasses

Hey, hey! Who told you you could pitch?!! Ya bum…

Cats with Glasses

Is this the Blues Brothers? Or Men in Black? Or agents from the Matrix?

Granny Glasses

Pay attention to your lessons, or there will be no mice for lunch.

Tabby with Red Glasses

Do these red glasses go with my outfit?

Cat with Pink Glasses

Kitty saw, but Kitty will not tell!

Cool Cat

You can’t get too much sun…if you don’t go outside!

Cat reading the paper

The stock market says kitty litter is down. Harumph!

Cat with GlassesOui, oui, Mademoiselle. I am an artiste, and I will paint ze peecture of you.

John or Harry

Cute Kitty with GlassesWho says cats aren’t cool? Heck, cats invented cool!

 Which of these cool cats in glasses is your favorite?

Image sources: Kitty with pink glasses; Tortoiseshell glasses;

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    • janey
    • August 7, 2014

    the favorite is obviously going to be the kitty sun bathing in the easy (um, scratch that) lounge chair..

  1. olha só mais gatos de óculos Alexia Felício =)

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    esses gatos estão muito descolados EAHUFAEHFUIEAF. que lindoss *-*

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    Chelsea Pistor Georgja Anne I want these for Garry Pistor

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