DIY Cat Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just a week away, and if you haven’t decorated yet, now is the time to do it! And what better decorations for Halloween could there be than some scary black cats and some cute orange and white kittens?

With that in mind, we’ve assembled three super-cute cat decorations that you can make yourself! First off, this country-look cat-o-lantern is sure to delight those ghosts and goblins that come to your door. The witches that come will want a kitty instead of candy!

Country Kittens in a Pumpkin Basket
Kitty Cat Country Pumpkin

This Halloween basket of adorable kittens is made from one large pumpkin and several smaller ones that are used for the kittens’ heads. Add some black and orange ribbons and a some ears, eyes, noses, and whiskers, and you’ve got a very unique decoration.

For the complete list of things you’ll need, and the instructions on how to do it, click on over to Be sure to download the ear template to print out.

 Black Cat-O-Lanterns

Here we have two different kinds of black cat pumpkins. The first one doesn’t require you to hollow out any pumpkins, and their faces are so adorable! These pumpkins are painted black with floral spray (or plain old spray paint). They were originally found on Pinterest, and were linked to But the page is no longer there, so we’ll have to figure out how to do this one ourselves, just by looking at the picture. It shouldn’t be too hard – black spray paint or floral paint for the pumpkins; and construction paper or felt for the ears, eyes, and nose. Pipe cleaners for the whiskers. Some scraps of material for the collar, and hmmm.. what for the tails?

Cat Pumpkins

This second set of black cat-o-lanterns are pretty spooky and are sure to delight your trick-or-treaters! Their heads are hollowed out and tea light candles are placed inside to light up their eyes with an orange glow from the pumpkin’s insides. You’ll only need to hollow out the heads; not the bodies. The paws are made from very small painted pumpkins and the tails are made from painted cucumbers or skinny gourds.

For the complete instruction list and the things you’ll need to make these scary cats, head over to

Black Cat Pumpkins

 Black Cat Silhouettes

These decoration are the easiest ones of all, and will be sure to cast a spooky spell on anyone who gazes upon them! Pretty much all you have to do is download the patterns and cut them out. These silhouettes come from the DIY Network and they’ve even provided the downloadable templates.

Besides the templates, you’ll need some black poster paper (17”x 24”); wax or parchment paper (optional); clear tape and double-sided tape to attach your silhouettes to your windows; a permanent magic marker or marker pen in metallic or white ink; scissors; and measuring tape.

Halloween Cat silhouettes

The patterns for the cats can be found here: The Scared Cat and The Sitting Cat. If you want the patterns for the owl and the haunted house, you’ll find their links on the  DIYNetwork. Follow the 5 part slideshow you’ll find there for the instructions for making the silhouettes.

Black Cat silhouette

Here is another example of a cat silhouette. This one was originally for sale on eBay, but it has been sold and is no longer there. You might be able to copy it or make something similar. There are a lot of other Halloween cat templates freely available on the internet, just do a search and you will find lots of them.

Ok, it’s your turn now! If you make any of these, or any other neat Halloween decorations, we’d love to see them. Treat us with your tricked-out cat Halloween creations and decorations! And then have a purrfectly safe and happy Halloween!

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