Hello Mate!

Hello Mate! How is your Sunday going? Nothing but the best, I hope! Me? I’m doing good, Mate. Just wearing my beanie to keep the ears warm, y’know.

Hello Mate

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    á de aranyos imádom:D

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    missing my cat of 25 years no other cat will take his place in my heart miss you Bebe.

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    Sorry for your loss, Rachelle. Did Bebe live to be 25?

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    yes he was 25 .he died accidentally on july 8 2013..

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    That’s an amazing lifespan for a kitty! I’m so glad he got to be with you for so long.

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    Rachelle, so sorry for your loss. I’m sure you gave plenty of love to Bebe. Your Babe would want you to be happy so please adopt another. Shelter animals are needing you so badly!! They are wanting to give love so much!! Please consider!!

  9. love that face

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