How Many Legs On The Bus?

Here’s a little brain-teaser for you. There are these seven kids who love, love, love cats. They are packing their cats into carriers and going to Camp Catawaller for a week. While there, they will camp out in tents and trees (the cats will be in the trees), go fishing (with the proceeds going mostly to the cats), go hiking, and will of course roast marshmallows and fish sticks over an open fire. No cell phones and no laser lights allowed!

Cats on a bus

None of that has anything to do with the brain teaser, I just wanted to give you a little background before I lay out the brain teaser. So, put your thinking caps on, here it comes…

children on bus

There is a bus with 7 children inside. They all love cats.

7 Cat Carriers

Each child has 7 cat carriers. (A lot to handle, but these are talented kids!)

Cats in a Carrier

Inside each carrier there are 7 big cats. (These are very roomy carriers.)

7 kittens

Each big cat has 7 small cats. (They’re kittens, actually.)

cat legs

All of the cats and kittens have 4 legs each. (Standard amount of legs.)

Legs on Bus

So, how many legs are on the bus?

Here’s a recap:

  • There are 7 children on the bus.
  • Each child has 7 carriers.
  • Inside each carrier there are 7 big cats.
  • Each big cat has 7 small cats.
  • All cats have 4 legs each.
  • How many legs are on the bus?

Ok, there really 3 possible answers that I will accept as correct. One would be considered a trick question, and another would kinda sorta be, too. And then there is just doing the math. Let’s see if all 3 answers are given!

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  1. Reply

    555 legs I think

    • Vicki
    • September 18, 2014

    If you include the driver I count 555 legs

  2. Reply

    More than I care to count at the moment.

  3. Reply

    Vicki says:
    “If you include the driver I count 555 legs”

  4. Reply

    WAY more than that, Vicki!

  5. Reply

    well really there Are no legs on the bus except tyres…..but would it including driver be 1584 legs inside the bus with all the cats and kittens

  6. Reply

    Threre’s one of the answers! The trick question – there are NO legs on the bus, only on the children and the cats. And counting the driver’s legs with the kinda sorta trick answer. But as for the math, 1584 is still WAY low!

  7. Reply


  8. Reply

    Hi Georgia what does DF mean…I doing the math again im on pain relief so a bit thick at the moment ha ha

    • sandi
    • April 5, 2017

    I just helped my son solve a very similar problem for a school assignment. However, instead of kids on the bus, there were farmers with bushels. Here was our answer.

    First of all, I had 7 farmers who each had 7 baskets. I multiplied 7 farmers by 7 baskets. The answer was 49 baskets.
    Then, each basket had 7 cats. So, 49 baskets times 7 cats equals 343 cats. If each cat had seven kittens then I would need to multiply 343 X 7. that makes 2,401 kittens.
    Since the question asks for how many legs are there in all, I multiplied 7 X 2 to find out that there were 14 human legs.
    Then, I added 343 cats to 2,401 Kittens. 343 + 2,401 = 2,744 felines altogether. If each feline has four legs, then I would need to multiply 2,744 felines by four legs. 2,744 X 4 = 10,976 feline legs.
    If I add the human legs to the feline legs that means I need to add 14 + 10,976 = 10,990 legs all together.

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