I Love My Hooman

Do you think of cats as being independent and aloof? Too uppity to ever give, rather than get, some cuddles? Well, think again. Here’s proof that they’re not always that way!
Hugs from Kitty
How sweet is this? There are many pictures of children hugging cats, often against their will, or with the cat barely tolerating the hugs, but how often do you see the kitty going out of its way to hug the child? This kitty obviously loves his little hooman a lot!


Cat hugs neck

Think cats are snooty? Not this one! This orange tabby shows us just how sweet a kitty can be. He has his paws wrapped around his hooman’s neck and his head cuddled in close, too. Can’t you just hear the purrs?

Lion Cub Hugs

This is Sirga, an African lion cub, giving a big-pawed hug to one of the two hoomans who saved her when she was driven from her pride as a baby. The two hooman men are Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth and they are working to save Sirga’s species in Botswana.

20 year old cat

And last, but not least, this is CC, who is an amazing 20 years old, giving a hug to her hooman mom. Which just goes to show – you’re never too old for a hug!


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  1. Reply

    Mine was 11 yrs old.

  2. Reply

    Is that the cat in your profile picture, Edna Hopkins

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Reply

    Que lindo!

  6. Reply

    My cat is 13 years old.

  7. Reply

    ¡Que linda demostración de afecto!

  8. Reply

    😀 so cute

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  10. Reply

    Cats make fabulous companions! 🙂

  11. Reply

    i love mi tonchi <3

  12. Reply

    Warning: If you don’t like to hug cats, don’t come to my house. Even if you just stand there minding your own business, at least one and very likely several will demand hugs and love. Even the technician who came to repair the wifi was not safe.

  13. Reply

    No one can sit for more than a few minutes without somekitty deciding that person was making a lap.

  14. Reply

    I love this picture so much!

  15. Reply

    so cste.

  16. Reply

    Bless CC.

  17. Reply

    My big guy helped the plumber working under the sink.

  18. Reply

    We have a 20 yr old cat named Odie, he’s tabby too.

  19. Reply

    After being raised around dogs, he will lie on the dog bed with them.

  20. Reply

    all cats have their moments of independence and aloofness but the majority of them who are valued members of a family and regularly give and receive affection can be very loving

  21. Reply

    I had one ” Rudy-TooT-TooT “, an orange tabby, for 23 years before he left me in Savannah, GA

  22. Reply

    I wuv woo!

  23. Reply

    My Charity will be 19 this winter

  24. Reply

    Love this photo!

  25. Reply

    My cat is 12 yrs and during the day is always demanding attention. I try to ignore him after 1/2 hour of petting and lov’in but he still demands attention. I try food & toys but he just wants me constantly. If I sit or lay down he is there. He doesn’t go outside much and when he does he stays on the patio..then back in the house to bother me. HELP ! He doesn’t hunt or play.

  26. Reply


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    Nothing compares to having a cat for over twenty years, I miss you Gumby!

  28. Reply

    i got a cat just like him and she isnt as loveable she decides when she wants love lol my other cat lucky however will jump in your lap and put his tail in your face til u pet him

  29. Reply

    i had a cat that lasted 16 yrs his name was jinx he was an all white long haired cat with light green eyes

  30. Reply

    Missing my boys;Blackjack 15 years old &
    Baby Bear 20 years; lost them both this year

  31. Reply


  32. Reply

    I’ve had 2 cats that lived to 20. Both were sweet loving souls that I loved very much. Their deaths were so terribly hard on me and I still miss them to this day. But I have more rescued cats that need me now and I love each of them so much. I’ll see them all again and what a glorious day to be with all my family, both human and animal, when I pass.

  33. Reply

    Few things make me happier than to have a cat glom onto me like a refrigerator magnet.

  34. Reply

    That’s pretty much what happens. Some of my big males were bottle babies, now they’re affectionate huggers who love everyone.

    • AG
    • September 29, 2014

    Have been owned by many many cats over a 50 year period. Each and every one with a different personality, but there were always those who wanted and demanded to be hugged. Oh and my oldest kitty who also lived 20 years plus was one of them.

  35. Reply

    Yep, just last night my dad came downstairs to visit and immediately had 4 cats circling him looking for love and when he sat down, one jumped in his lap. 🙂

  36. Reply

    I warn people, if you sit, they see a lap and won’t be afraid to use it 🙂

  37. Reply

    I have a 14 year old calico who was just diagnosed with low grade lymphoma and a 21 year old tabby and white who has never been ill.

  38. Reply

    What a great picture.They really do know how to show their affection.

  39. Reply

    I’m coming over 🙂

  40. Reply

    Sorry your kitty is ill Bonnie Leamon Ingalls, and congrats on their long lives.

  41. Reply


  42. Reply

    🙁 So sorry Renee Procise

  43. Reply

    oh how precious <3

  44. Reply

    I have cats and kittens who love on me too and follow me everywhere…just like a puppy would

  45. Reply

    BFF Love and kisses

  46. Reply

    I have my Cat right next to me … and my Dog at the foot of the bed … I get nose loves, love nips and hugs all the time! I have no problem with either my Cats and my Dogs! … and I’ve petted a Mountain Lion too … They’re SERIOUS when they care about you! Better bring some bandaids! *lol*

  47. Reply

    Lucy our cat was 20 and my mom had one that lived longer than that

  48. Reply

    My aunts cat holly who was just put down a week ago , she was 23 yrs old! R.i.p. Holly- berry!

  49. Reply

    The problem there..if she use ur clothes to wipe it off.but its not.she’s a real mum:)

  50. My Leo (Leonardo Di “Cat”Prio) was 19yrs old in July, I had him since he was 6wks old a rescue, Leo was killed in his home on Aug 10th 2014, I miss him so much! ;(

  51. Reply

    I love this so much.

  52. Reply

    Those are very cute pictures!! I got one by accident of our kitten when she first came to our house, the first Christmas with us. My dad was laying on the floor with the back of his head against a chair to watch TV, so his neck was wide open, and our new kitten came over and laid across his neck and passed out. She also found little places to hide as she was only 14.7 oz. when we got her, as we weighed her on a scale, we think she was only 6 wks. old and not 8 when we got her because of her size. I love all cats!!

  53. Reply

    I love any cat that comes by me, would hug any of them back!! 🙂

  54. Reply

    I love kitties, I would love to come to your house.

  55. Reply

    i have 2 that are like that out of 5

  56. Reply

    A man told me last night that cats are worthless because they aren’t protective like dogs. Well they do keep our home free from rodents and bugs they can reach and loving, caring and best friends. They aren’t much help with racoons but they do let me know when they are around.

  57. Reply

    Wanda Buckalew Sharon Davis

  58. Reply

    Maria..I would definitely hug your cats. <3

  59. Reply

    That cat looks just like my Eli,so sweet.

  60. Reply

    SOOOOOO cute!!

  61. Reply

    My aunt had a cat that lived to be 22 years old, oldest cat I’ve ever seen.

  62. Reply

    I would hug and kiss them too.

  63. Reply


  64. Reply

    Love cats!!! All kinds! Even strays.

  65. Reply

    This is my stray Mr Grey. Spooky eyes for Halloween!

  66. Reply

    I would love some kitty hugs from your cat. I’m already covered in cat hair so what’s a little more.

  67. Reply

    Hannah came in demanding some cuddles. She gives the best hugs.

  68. Reply

    There is a streak of independence in every cat, but aloof? Anyone who thinks that has not taken the time to form a relationship with a cat.

  69. Reply

    Kitty snuggles are the best! My Pepper goes out her way and ensures that I have warm purrs.

  70. Reply

    Sounds like my kind of place! I gladly welcome a swarm of snuggles!

  71. Reply

    what a precious pair

  72. Reply

    Maria, I love cats like yours. 😀

  73. Reply

    My Tabitha is 19

  74. Reply

    My cat is almost 27! She was born in my home and I raised her parents and siblings. Her name is LITTLE GIRL.

  75. Reply

    Love it.

  76. Reply

    My 5 babies head bump me to pick them up then they snuggle into my neck ….purring the whole time!! Love my rescue babies!!!!!

  77. Reply

    just like our house.

  78. Reply


  79. Reply

    Love this pic it made me smile….

  80. Reply

    Nothing but LOVE.♡

  81. Reply

    Except for one, most of my cats are very affectionate. The one is when she ‘decides’. 😀

  82. Reply

    so sweet

  83. Reply

    So sorry, Paula McDaniel Belknap-Hill 🙁

  84. Reply

    This how I get woke up every morning ,along with a good cheek washing !!

  85. Reply

    love this photo!

  86. Reply


  87. Reply

    What a precious picture !!!

  88. Reply


  89. Reply


  90. Reply

    My Sunny lived to 20 yrs & 11 mos.

  91. Reply

    My 20 year old, Boo.

  92. Reply

    I love our cats they love to hug & purr all the time along with rubs. I love when they do that to me. ours is 12 & 9 years old both of them were strays

  93. Reply

    My boy is so determined to cuddle sometimes he’s even willing to suffer the dog breathing on him lol. And there’s nothing quite like having a 15 pound cat and 56 pound pitbull fighting for lap space

  94. Reply

    My oldest lived to be 25.

  95. Reply


  96. Reply

    my Tabby would gently press the side of his face against my cheek–that was his “hug”.

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