How To Lower Your Cat’s Carbon Footprint

Many of us pet lovers are also concerned about lowering our impact on the environment, but did you ever stop to think about your cat’s carbon footprint (or should we say “pawprint”)? After all, cats are consumers and waste-producers, too, so it’s worth looking at some ways to decrease your cat’s environmental impact. Here are some tips.

A Cats Carbon Footprint

Choose Biodegradable Kitty Litter

This is a choice that is better for environment and for your cat’s health. Avoid clay “clumping” litter – this does not biodegrade well and can cause health problems for your cat (think of the small amounts of litter the cat ingests when it cleans itself with its tongue. Now think of the clumping action happening internally). Sawdust, shredded newspaper or commercial litters that are biodegradable are better choices. There is even kitty litter available commercially that is made from recycled newspapers.

Feed Your Cat High Quality Food

A high quality cat food will be better digested by your cat, meaning less poop and more nutrient absorption, which is not only good for the environment, but also good for kitty. To cut down on packaging and manufacturing processes, try your hand at making your own cat food and cat treats.

Cute Cat


Avoid cheap plastic toys that expose your cat to questionable chemicals. There are now companies that specialize in pet toys made from recycled materials. And you can make your own pet toys – try a box with balls inside and holes to grab at the balls though, or grow catnip for your cats.  They’ll love it!

Here’s a great homemade cat toy idea from DIYAllInOne, that looks really simple to make. Not sure about using the lighter, I think I would just use scissors to cut out the circles. Balls with bells on them would keep kitty interested.

Tupperware Cat Toy

See, it doesn’t really take much effort to do your cat’s part for the environment. Plus, it makes for a happier and healthier kitty!

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