I Hope We’re Having Fish For Dinner!

The table is set, the wine glass is ready, and Jax the cat is waiting patiently for his dinner. Such a well-mannered kitty! Is it going to be tuna, or salmon, or cod? As long as it’s not something un-cat-friendly, like spaghetti or rice soup, he’ll be happy. But he’d really rather have some fish!

Cat waiting for dinner

 Jax waits for dinner

You’re not just any cat. You’re a well-mannered feline who knows how to sit at the dinner table and wait patiently for your fish dinner. You lick your chops in anticipation, your tail twitching with excitement.

As you sit there, you can’t help but notice the humans around you. They’re all chatting away, oblivious to your presence. But you don’t mind. You’re used to being the quiet observer, taking it all in.

Suddenly, you hear a sound. It’s the sound of the refrigerator opening. Your ears perk up as you catch a whiff of something delicious. Could it be? Is it finally time for your fish dinner?

You watch as the human takes out a piece of fish and starts to prepare it. Your mouth waters as you imagine sinking your teeth into that juicy, succulent flesh. You can almost taste it.

But then, disaster strikes. The human starts to season the fish with something you’ve never smelled before. It’s overpowering and unpleasant, and you can feel your stomach turning.

You try to hold back, but you can’t help it. You let out a loud sneeze, causing the humans to turn and stare at you. You feel embarrassed, but you can’t help it. That seasoning is just too much for your delicate senses.

Eventually, the fish is cooked and placed in front of you. You take a tentative bite, and your taste buds explode with joy. It’s everything you ever wanted and more. You purr with contentment, knowing that this is what life is all about.

In the end, you realize that being a well-mannered cat pays off. You get to enjoy the finer things in life, like a delicious fish dinner. And who knows, maybe next time you’ll get to try something even more exotic. The possibilities are endless when you’re a cat with good manners.

Image Source If you’d like to see a lot more of Jax, you can visit his Twitter profile

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    my freddy la cina

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    Let’s try the cod (no bones, please) 😉

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    How about a nice can of SEAFOOD BLISS….that would be a combo of each of these delectable fish. YUM…! >^..^<

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