If Looks Could Kill!

Aww, pretty kitty has such cute little babies! But mama cat’s face seems to say –  do NOT mess with my babies! Don’t worry Mama, we won’t hurt them, we just want to take a picture of your cute little furballs!

Mama Cat

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    Protective Mommy !! Look how she is holding the one with her paw!! 🙂

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    love love love!

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    look like little marshmallows!

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    Oh, so lovable!

  7. LOVE

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    C mon Fripon !

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    Cutieeeee haha is she a siberian cat? Hard to tell between those longhair breeds omg. Just so cutieee

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    We wont mess with your babies!

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    Beautiful cat!

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    Very beautiful!

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    I just LOVE them, an MAMA too.

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