See The Miracle of Birth

If you haven’t been lucky enough to witness the miracle of birth, here’s your chance. This very tastefully done video follows mama cat Fifinha and her five kittens from their birth to six months of age.

You will see them being born, taking their first faltering steps, opening their eyes, and nursing. As they grow older, you will see them exploring their world, and doing what kittens do best – running, jumping, and playfully attacking each other.

 Watch the Miracle of Birth

(Note: the video is missing. We’re looking for it!)

Mama cat Fifinha’s belly is swollen and it won’t be long before her babies arrive. Watch as her five kittens come into the world and begin their journey of life. Watch as they grow from tiny, sweet, helpless little things into feisty, playful kittens.

Of course, the first thing Fifinha does is to clean her newborn kittens!

Fifinha Cleans her newborn kittenSo sweet!

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    She looks like our Bessie. She has 3 pudgie cuties now.

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    awesome video

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    q lindo

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    esto me encanta

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    Very cute

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