Kittens That Need Their Faces Washed

Some of these kitties are just learning how to eat and drink from a bowl and haven’t yet mastered the art of self-cleaning. Some of the older cats just have specific food preferences, and can’t figure out how to eat them without making a mess. They all need to have their faces washed, either by mama cat, or by their hoomans. Either way, they’re all purrdy¬†darn cute!

Kitty with nose in foodWell, I just got finished eating. It was wet cat food, and I got my nose in pretty deep. I don’t know how to wash¬†it off myself, so I’ve got to go find my mommy now. She’ll know what to do.

Kitty with a beardWhat? You’ve never seen a kitten with a beard?

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Cat in Bread

I don’t LIKE the crust.

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Cat Eating SprinklesI may be lactose intolerant, but I can still eat the sprinkles!

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Kittens Drinking Milk From Bowl

Wow! This is way different than drinking mama’s milk!

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Cat in Food Bowl

Can’t…get…this…food…off…my…nose! MOM!!

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