Kitty is HUNGRY!

Have you ever been so darned hungry that you would fight tooth and nail for any food that was in front of you? Well, evidently this kitty is that hungry! Watch as he hangs on fiercely and surprises his human with his persistence!

Now where’s dessert?

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  1. Reply

    Oh, my.

  2. Reply

    So funny!

  3. Reply

    Poor little is desperate!

  4. Reply

    Jill, you’d think he was starving, but I used to have a kitten like that. Ate all the time, but meowed like she was starving, too!

  5. Reply

    I was worried the little one would cut his or her mouth on the lip of the can…

  6. Reply

    Or so ceat

  7. Reply

    It is so ceut

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