Knock Knock Kitty

Open the Door

Knock knock! Hey you guys! Did you forget about me? Can I come in? Knock knock knock!

This little kitty has stood up on his back legs and seems to be knocking at the door! Please let him in!

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  1. Reply

    toc toc!!

  2. Reply

    Aww how sweet x

  3. Reply

    cuteness Nour

  4. Reply

    ew!! <3 <3

  5. asi esta mi guero en las mañanas

  6. Reply

    How cute!

  7. Reply


  8. Reply

    Asi se debe ver Bengalí cuando se queda a fuera de casa Christian Camilo David

  9. Reply

    awww…pity,let him/her in.

  10. Reply

    what a cutie

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  13. Reply

    Ashley Ufers 😀 hahaha awhh

  14. Reply

    Awe look at that little face, so sweet..

  15. Reply

    Let him in mom.

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  17. Our dinner guest is here!

  18. Reply

    why are they taking pictures instead of letting the poor little cat in??

  19. Reply

    Our cat stands on his hind legs to chew the handles of the trash bags!

  20. Reply

    Could NEVER forget You, Sweetie!

  21. Reply

    LOL!!! Too cute!!!

  22. My cat does that!

  23. Reply

    now that is adorable!

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    Awwwwwwwwww . I am a pushover for Kittens <3 <3 <3

  25. Reply

    Yeah,some of them ‘WILL’ do this .

  26. Reply

    Angelie Anton

  27. Reply

    Hahaha Duncan stands up on the door like that sometimes

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    Okay bumper come on in lol

  30. Reply

    Aww…so precious — let the kitt in please!

  31. Reply

    looks like our TUNA! I better go check huh…

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  33. Reply

    aw, poor baby.

  34. Reply

    That is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time!

  35. Reply

    Awww, such a precious little kitty:)

  36. This is what happens at my house!

  37. Reply

    awww how cute!

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    i will let you in

  40. Reply

    Phone rang…I’m coming…I’m coming… ya

  41. Reply

    Spooky did that from the inside of the house

  42. Reply

    Why are you letting the kitten outside? Keep them inside all the time, they will be safer.

  43. Reply

    Dahlingk baby! Hot concrete on those cute tender toes.

  44. Reply

    OK, That and NO kitty should be outside, exposed to disease, parasites, other animals, cars, sick, sick humans or medical lab THUGS kidnapping them, to mention just a few reasons.

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    how cute!

  46. Reply

    love the kitties.

  47. Reply

    Someone please let this little cutie indoors……Mary K.

  48. Reply

    so cute!

  49. Reply

    Ami Van

  50. Reply

    Katie and Fireball

  51. Reply

    I would let you in.

  52. Reply

    I am pretty sure the kitten was still there after they took the picture

  53. Reply

    I Hope Not, But you’re Probably Right!! SADLY!

  54. Reply

    This pavement is hot, open the door and let me in.

  55. Reply

    “Let me in,m let me in” say PLEASE? 🙂

  56. Reply

    make me cry

  57. Reply

    My dog knocks on the patio door.

  58. Reply

    Knock on our door and you would be inside in a second!! What a sweet baby.

  59. Reply

    cats don’t belong outside anyway!

  60. Reply

    Poor baby, “Now, where’s the vittles?”

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    knock knock. Who’s there? Me . Me who? Meow!

  62. Reply

    I would never forget you, baby. So cute!!

  63. Reply

    open the door

  64. Reply

    My kitties knock on the glass patio door when I inadvertently leave them out of the balcony and they want to come in. I get scolded!

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    Omg what a sweetie

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    ونعم الادب اتفضل ادخل

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