Make A Big Smiley Face and Say Cheese!

Ok, look this way. I’m going to point my camera at you, and then you make a big smiley face and say Cheeeese! ♫ Let’s take a picture, you and me. Look at the camera. 1, 2, 3. Let’s take a picture, you and me. Look at the camera. Say, “Cheese!” ♫ Say Cheese! This kitty has a huge cheesy smile for the camera!

CheeseWhat a ham!

Let’s Take A Picture song from SuperSimpleLearning

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    Upset I stopped petting him..

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    O gato está na sanita, pelo esforço que está a fazer, está difícil.

  3. Wow! so nice the little cat.

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    A sweet family needs urgent help to save their sweet kitten after being shot by an air rifle. Please share and hopefully we will gather the funds needed in time.

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