Make A Sweater Bed For Your Cat

Make a Cat Sweater Bed
Have an old sweater that you no longer wear? Don’t throw it away, use it to make your cat a nice, comfy bed with minimum effort. It is easy to make and your kitty is sure to love it!

2 hours, including cutting up scraps for stuffing

Sewing ability:

1 unwanted sweater
2 terry towels or unused dishtowels or bathtowels
Scraps or cotton for stuffing

Cut your stuffing fabric into small pieces.
Fold the towels so that they are approximately the size you want for the base of your pet bed.
Layer with scrap stuffing if required.
Baste the layers together in a rough oval shape.
Turn over the edges towards the inside of the circle and loosely sew in place.
Place inside the body of the sweater.
Sew in place using some thick wool.
Stuff the arms and neck area with scraps or cotton.
Arrange in a circular shape around the base area.
Using a thread and needle, sew into place. If you use a matching thread you don’t have to worry about how perfect your stitches are.
Embellish as desired! (this example added a heart)

Now, if kitty doesn’t take to his or her new bed right away, you can help them get used to it by putting a toy or a treat in it.

Cat Sweater Bed

The purple bed finished:

Purple Cat Sweater Bed

Another example of a finished bed:

Cat Sweater Bed

Stuffing the sweater bed:

Stuffing the Bed

Joining the sleeves:

Cat Sweater Bed

Kitty likes it!

Kitty Likes It!

This would work for a small dog, too.

Dog Sweater Bed

Simple to make:

Cat Sweater Bed

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