Pucker Up For The Kissing Booth!

Kissing Booth

When Petunia decided to run the kissing booth for the summer carnival, she had no idea that she would locks lips with the love of her life, Ralphie.

Kissing Cats

It was love at first kiss, for both of them. When the carnival closed down for the night, they met to share some kibble, and afterwards, they went to Ralphie’s house. They laughed, they played, they ran across the tops of the furniture together.

Cats Kissing

Petunia knew that the carnival would soon be leaving town, and she would be leaving with it. Her head told her to forget about Ralphie, but her heart wanted to draw closer. What should Petunia do?  Quit the carnival and stay with Ralphie? Get one last kiss and say goodbye forever? How will Petunia ever get her happily ever after?

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