Saint Pat’s Cat

Saint Pat’s Cat wishes you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! She says, “Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick pounce and an easy one. A pretty hooman and an honest one. A cute kitten and another one!” (Slightly rewritten)

May the luck of the Irish be with you! Meow!

St. Pat's Cat

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  1. Reply

    Never saw a green cat in real life

  2. Reply

    yes yes!:D

  3. Reply

    Who else? <3

  4. Reply

    What pretty eyes. I do not condone dying an animal’s fur.

  5. Reply

    beautiful cat, cannot be comfortabale with dying a cats hair or any animal for a stupid holiday..all the irish get drunk and celebrate this the way asswipes St Patrick was Italian nor Irish

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    who else gets kittens ?

  8. Reply

    Pretty sure it’s just photoshopped 😉

  9. Reply

    Linda, I’m pretty sure it’s just photoshopped. I definitely didn’t dye a kitten green!

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    who else gets kittens ?

  12. Reply

    You’re right he was Italian.

  13. Reply

    absolutely right could not agree more 🙂

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    <3 ?

  17. Reply

    Totally right.

  18. Reply

    Yes, that is the case.

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    Agree? :

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    Yes, just like that.

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  23. Kitten rules That’s great to hear. Thank you

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    I’m Irish and I don’t drink. My mother didn’t drink….none of her 11 brothers and sisters drank….nor the family before them. Don’t say ALL Irish drink. How about Italians? Don’t we related Italians to having wine with every meal? Even the kids? Stupid statement.

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