Shark Kitty

I’m a shark kitty! I have big teeth! And I will bite you with them! Grrrrrr! Do sharks say grrrrr?. But…I don’t really like the water. Do I have to go into the water to be a shark? I don’t? I can be a land shark? Oh good! That’s a relief! Grrrrrrr!

Shark Kitty

Roaring with feline ferocity, the shark kitty proudly shows off her little sharp teeth. But wait, a twist! She doesn’t like the water. Can she still be a shark on land? The question looms, as the land shark’s meow echoes through the house.

In a world where expectations are flipped on their head, the shark kitty defies convention. Who says a shark must swim? Embracing her unique identity, the land shark prowls the house with a fierce determination. The roar of a predator, the heart of a rebel, the face of an adorable kitty.

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    Coisa linda!

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    too cute

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    Yuliana 😛

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    Very cute

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    look at those eyes

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