I Need A Better Name Than "Toothless"!

The original caption that came with this picture said “Toothless seemed an appropriate name for this little dude”. I think we can do better than that! He’s bound to have some sharp little toofers in there, and the first person to play-fight with him is gonna know it! So let’s give him a better moniker! What should we name him?

Not toothless!

He’s so adorable, with those big eyes! Here’s the original image, with that caption calling him Toothless:

Baby Kitten

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    Well, the original Toothless is a dragon, after all. You could go with the usual black cat names, Midnight, Inky, Velvet, Sable (Latin for black) or the ever present Snowball.

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    call him speck had a black kitten named him that cuz he was a little blackspeckon the floor

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    Skidmark (Skld for short)

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    But Toothless is adorable, though~~

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    I think he looks like “Toothless” from How to Train Your Dragon.

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    I forgot about Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon! Now I think it’s a cute name!

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    LoL~! XD

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    And I always thought the Dragon was patterned on a cat. It IS a cute name.

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    Yes definitely from the movie and he does look like him! lol

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    how about felix the black cat in cartoons

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    Awww, Thoothless is adorable!

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    Batman sounds like a nice name for the little guy:-)

  16. I think “Little Dude” is apt, says it all, and is cute!!!!

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    Ceara, this situation needs to be fixed.

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    Toothless the Dragon

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    Honey Pie!

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    Look at those eyes, thats Sparkel

  21. How about ´´gums´´?

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    Toothless is very cute

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    I think it fits as he does look like the character from the movie. Kind of like my little princess.

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    I want to call him Munchkin.:-)

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    Bright eyes

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    haaahaa! 😉

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    Omg! ! :)) Joseph Mauer

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    Yes please

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    I want one like this haha

  33. I like the name toothless its from how to train a dragon and this lil guy looks just like toothless!! Soo cute

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    Precious or Sweet pea would be better.

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    Bright eyes

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    Shadow….”The Shadow knows…”

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    None or you thought to do this? Post a side by side comparison of the dragon and the cat?

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    Yes, the cat looks…like…”Toothless” the Dragon from DreamWorks Pictures animated film “How to Train Your Dragon”. I swear, you cat people inhale too many fumes from the litter boxes. 🙁

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    but he looks like the cute baby dragon from the movie!

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    Baby baer

    • Heidi Jo
    • September 1, 2021

    I have a cat that looks like toothless…I didn’t want to name him that so I opted for what kind of dragon toothless is…”Night Fury “. Fury for short. He definitely lives up to his name even after someone shot him, leaving his back legs paralyzed. He still is full of vim and vig.

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