Cute Kittens

Stockings the Cat

A New Lease on Life for Stockings the Kitty

Stockings was born with severely deformed back legs and would most likely have been euthanized. See who saved him and how he’s doing now.

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Just Born

Hello World!

This little kitteh has just made it’s debut in the world. Still wet. Momma looks tired but content.

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Cat in a box

A Pictorial of One Cat’s Busy Day

You buy them expensive toys and then they want to play in a box! A morning of fun for this kitty.

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Juni the cat

Feed Me Now!

Juni looks a little impatient. Or maybe he’s just really eager to eat!

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Blue-eyed Tiger Cat

Blue-Eyed Leopard-Spotted Tiger-Striped Kitty

I may be sweet now, but when I grow up, look out! Grrrrr! A blue-eyed tiger-striped, leopard-spotted kitty.

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Mustache Kitty

Mustache Kitty

This kitty has very unusual marking! Brown with a white “mustache” and white eyebrows. Visit us for more cute kitty pix!

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Kitty in Hoody

Warm Kitty

I’ve got my hoody on. I’m ready to go out into the cold, cold weather. But wait! Where’s my mittens?

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Pretty Lady and Gray Kitty

The Pretty Lady and the Gray Kitty

A pretty lady holding a cute little gray kitty while he sleeps on the covers, on her chest, near her heart. So sweet!

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So Focused

What do you suppose this kitty is staring at so intently? Are his humans coming home? Is it a mouse he wants to pounce on?

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