The Lion Whisperer

This is Kevin Richardson, a South African zookeeper, who is also known as The Lion Whisperer. He recently tried to talk about lion conservation, but was interrupted by Tau, who seemed to have his own views on the subject.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a big lion as a pet in your house? Imagine if someone tried to break in to your house while you were gone. They’d get quite a surprise!

The Lion Whisperer
It took many years for Kevin to gain the trust of the big cats, but now they love him in the same way that our regular-sized kitties love us.

Kevin Richardson

Look how they cuddle up to him! Makes you wonder how loud their purrs are.

Kevin Richardson the Lion Whisperer

Watch this short video to see more of Kevin interacting with the lions.

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    Slika je prekrasna a toliko ljubavi prema zivotinjama !

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    He is so awesome!

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    Be careful! Beautiful site though.

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