They’ll Never Find Me In Here!

Cats love to hide! Whether it’s in a box, a drawer, under the porch, under the couch, or even in the couch, cats love to find small, dark hiding places.

Why do cats so love to hide? There are a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, they need a place to go to de-stress, sort of like men like to have their man caves. Other times, they just want to be alone for a while, especially if there are other cats in the household. A hiding place can be a place to nap, especially one that is out-of-reach of the dog. And sometimes, it’s just for the fun of hiding! Here are some cute kitties in their hiding places.

Cat Hiding in Curtains

Pay no attention to that man cat behind the curtain!

Image Source

Cat Hiding in Drawer

Uh oh! Busted!

Image Source

Cat Hiding in Couch

OMG! What if someone sits down here!

Image Source

Cat Hiding in End Table

Seriously? You put a book about dogs in my hiding place?

Image Source

Cat Hiding Under Couch

No dogs allowed in here! Only mice.

Image Source

Cat Hiding Under Blanket


Image Source

Cat Hiding in Shoe Rack

Don’t mind me, I’m just another Nike!

Image Source

Cat Hiding in Pool Table PocketPrize for most original hiding spot!

Cat Hiding in Pool Table
I can’t believe it! You found me!

Pool Table Images Source

Does your cat have a favorite hiding place? You may not know all of the places your cat hides, but I’m sure you know a few. Where does your cat hide?

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  1. lijepe zelene okice. najljepse su.

  2. Reply

    On top of the box .of envelopes. under the kitchen tale. In the towel cuppbord, on the bed

  3. Reply

    My one cat Smokey loves to lay on the cable box in the TV cabinet.

  4. Reply

    O my God,just like mine cat,bless her soul”-(

  5. Reply

    In the bathtub behind the shower curtain, under the bed, under the recliner 🙂

  6. Reply

    any drawer that she can find or the closet 🙂

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