Three Little Cats, Sitting On A Chair

Three little cats, sitting on a chair. The first one said, “Well, what do we have here?”.  The second one said, “Should we go check it out?”. The third one said, “Oh no! We do not dare!”.

Adorable and comical at the same time. These three cats, sitting on a chair, all with their heads tipped. What are they looking at? What are they thinking?

3 cats on a chair

Three little cats, sitting on a chair.
The first one spoke, “Well, what do we have here?”
The second one pondered, “Shall we investigate?”
While the third one cowered, “No way, I can’t relate!”

These kittens were curious, but also quite scared
Their little hearts racing, they were unprepared
To face the unknown, to take a chance
But something drew them in, like a cosmic dance

The first little cat, he was bold and brash
The second kitty, he was quick and rash
But the third, she was wise and cautious
She knew that sometimes, it’s best to be cautious

The chair was their throne, their kingdom of plush
But what lay beyond it, caused a bit of a fuss
Would they risk it all, for the sake of adventure?
Or stay put and safe, like a boring old denture?

In the end, they chose to explore
And what they found, left them wanting more
For life is a journey, full of surprises
And sometimes, it takes a leap of faith to realize

That three little cats, sitting on a chair
Can teach us all, to be brave and dare
To step out of our comfort zone, and take a chance
For who knows what we’ll find, in this cosmic dance.


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    Erika HR aaaw se ven hermosos los 3 parecen trillizos

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    So cute!

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    Kawtar Crashkid khnifissat

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    so cute <3

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  8. Curiosos adorables ….

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    so cute! Wish I had a cat like that!

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