To Kill A Mockingbird

I can’t believe it. I’ve read over half of this book, and I haven’t found a thing about how to kill a mockingbird. I don’t really want to kill it, I just want to make it go away and quit teasing and mocking me!

Cat Reading To Kill A Mockingbird

That darn bird. I can hear him up in that birdhouse, the one I can’t reach, mocking me, saying “ha ha ha ha ha, you can’t get me”. Well, I’ll show him a thing or two if I can ever get my paws on him! I just need a few simple instructions. It’s got to be in this book somewhere…

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    I LOVE it! Thank you Kittenswhiskers, a Very astute kitty cat!!

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    This is great!

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    Keep reading……

  5. My Sister has a Gray Russian kitty named RED… he is so REGAL… 🙂 the KING OF HIS JUNGLE… 🙂

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    Is that a Russian Blue? Beautiful kitty.

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    I think so!

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    @[100002193144986:2048:Angell Jamal]

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    Totaly love it

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    Beautiful!! If that is a Russian blue its gorgeous, always wanted one!

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    @[1435965994:2048:Emma Kukkonen]

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    Hopefully he will learn that is a sin to kill a mockingbird.

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    Love !

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