Alaa of Syria Feeds War Orphaned Cats

Whoever said ambulance drivers are not some of the nicest people ever didn’t know Alaa. Alaa lives in Syria, where a civil war rages on. As an ambulance driver, Alaa has the stressful job of helping the humans in this worn-torn land. But he also has a soft spot in his heart for the cats who have been left behind as their owners have fled the city.

Alaa Feeds War Orphaned Cats

Alaa cares for 150 stray cats that have been left behind in the shell-shocked neighborhood of Masaken Hanano, in the city of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. Alaa has been feeding the cats for about two months. He spends his own money, about $4.00 a day, on meat to feed the hungry cats. What a great guy!

Alaa and stray cat

Alaa Holding A Stray White Cat

Cats Wait for Alaa to Feed Them

The Cats Wait For Alaa

Alaa Feeds Stray CatsAlaa Feeds the Cats

You can see Alaa’s ambulance in the background

Alaa Feeds Stray CatsSomeone Wanted That Piece of Meat!

Cats Fight Over FoodAnd That One, Too. Uh Oh! Cat Fight!

Poor white kitty! He must be really hungry!
Alaa Feeds White Cat

Here You Go, White Kitty. This One Is Just For You!

Cats Gathered Around Alaa to be Fed

What An Awesome Man! Bless His Heart.

The cats are so lucky that there is someone around like Alaa!



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    So true Marcelo Staley he is a good man 🙂 🙂

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    هادي هي الانسانية ارحمو من في الارض يرحمكم من في السماء

  4. Reply

    صفا جيدا، “رحمة من السماء”. (Good description, Choulda. “Mercy from heaven”. 🙂

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    we need more people like him on this earth!

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    te felicito por ser tan buena persona con los minino

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    Blessed be.

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    I love this! I feel for those poor kitty’s! Glad he feeds them something!

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    I think I am in love. (With the human, Alaa. My love for cats does not need to be stated.)

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    Amen to this kind soul……

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    Thank u alaa!!

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    God Bless this man.

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    🙂 thank you Alaa…

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    OOOOHH. SO KIND OF HIM.. <3 IT!!!!

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    Un gran hombre 🙂

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    What a kind man ! there are some decent people out there.

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    😀 <3

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    a very nice and generous man

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    What a fantastic guy xxx

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    I hope someone is feeding the abandoned dogs, too. Bless you, Alaa.

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    God bless you more..

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    A real humane act

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    Just imagine how many animals of all kinds have to suffer because of what is going on in the Middle East. Mind-boggling and heartbreaking.

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    just hope its not raw & theyll get sick, otherwise kudos to this man

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    Thanks for your kindness.

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    I would never leave my cats!! But thank goodness for him

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    Good hearted man.

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    Love that, Ilinca Inorog !

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    he is a great person

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    God bless you, sir!

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    God bless him!

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    Wonderful person. Thanks.

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    Well done Alaa, many thanks for looking after them.

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