Cat Smiles and Love Bites

Cat Smiles

I wouldn’t really call myself a “cat whisperer”, but people say I do have a way with them. I seem to get along with cats better than humans. And somehow, I seem to be able to understand their language, at least more so than the average person. All critters have ways of communicating, you just have to be in tune with their world to understand them, and to communicate back to them. A lot of it has to do with your body language and your attitude.

Two of the most interesting language behaviors that my cats show are Love Bites and Cat Smiles.

Cat's Love BitesLove Bites

Love bites are often misunderstood by cat owners. They think that their cat is showing aggression or just plain being mean. But there is a difference between a love bite and a real bite.

Love Bites are when your cat really wants you to know it loves you, and they display that love by biting you. It’s not a painful bite, but a light clamping action that they use to express their trust and love. It’s the equivalent of a human’s “love pat” – an easy slap on the bottom that is meant to show affection, not to inflict pain.

Cats give “love bites” to show affection and as a way of being playful. Cats groom each other with their teeth by licking and nibbling on each other, so it’s natural for them to extend this behavior to those they love. This type of social grooming is a sign that the cat feels comfortable around you and trusts you. Love bites can range from gentle nips or licks with the lips, to more firm bites that use the full force of the jaw muscles.

If your cat gives you a love bite, it could be because he wants attention; if he offers it when you are petting him or playing with him, then it’s likely his way of showing appreciation. It can also be a sign of overstimulation, so if you feel like your cat is biting too hard or getting too enthusiastic then it’s important to back off and give him some space.

No matter the reason why your cat is giving you love bites, it’s important not to punish them but rather find other ways to redirect the behavior. If he becomes too rough, try petting him in different areas or engaging him in another form of play. Ultimately, love bites are a sign that they enjoy spending time with you and feel safe with you—so take it as a compliment!

Smiling KittyCat Smiles

A cat smiles by momentarily squinting both eyes. This “smile” expresses contentment and acceptance, as though they don’t take you as a threat.

Cat owners often miss this quick smile, or just take it that their kitty is resting their eyes for a moment. Keep an eye open for this quick smile and soon you will begin to recognize it. The smile is often accompanied with contented purring.

A cat’s smile is their way of showing happiness and contentment. When a cat smiles, they will often take a deep breath and slowly exhale – this indicates relaxation and comfort. Additionally, it’s common for cats to relax their ears and the muscles around the eyes when smiling.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t always display friendly body language when they’re happy. A cat’s smile is one of the few ways of knowing that your furry friend is really in a good mood! Therefore, if you see your feline companion squint both eyes and take an extra-long breath with its mouth slightly open, chances are you made them feel loved.

Oh! And if you notice that your cat is slowly blinking his eyes at you, copy his behavior and blink yours back at him. You will be telling your cat that you love him and he is secure in your life.

Just keep in mind that your cats just want to be with you, whether it’s for some cuddling and petting, or just to have fun. I hope this will help you understand your cat’s language, at least a little bit!

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