Cat Behavior

Cat Stalking Bug


This tiny little bug may not be aware of it, but he’s about to be history! Kitty is about to make his move and shoot that paw out to grab his prey.

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Cats Bunting

Head Butting – Why Do They Do That?

You might think that your cat head butts you to show affection. Well, yes and no. It is to show affection, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that.

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Cleo The Cat

Cat Finds Owner After Being Left Behind

Dogs are known for their loyalty, and for traveling many miles to re-find their owners, but they’ve got nothing on Cleo the Cat.

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Siamese Cat hiding under the bed

How Can I Stop My Cat From Peeing In My Bed?

It’s more common than you think to have a cat who keeps urinating in your bed or on your possessions. It’s actually one of the most common issues that cat owners face.

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Cats on Hood of Car

Traveling with Kitty

There are several problems that are likely to occur when you travel with your cat. Master the fundamentals that are necessary to make your journey a success.

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Upside Down on Catnip

Why Are Cats So Crazy for Catnip?

Some cats are not born with the gene that causes them to be responsive to catnip; the gene occurs in only about fifty percent of cats.

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Cat Smiles

Cat Smiles and Love Bites

All critters have ways of communicating, you just have to be in tune with their world to understand them, and to communicate back to them.

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Equal Loving

Why Cats Spray and How to Prevent It

Cat spraying is a fairly common problem, one that should quickly be discouraged and stopped due to health and sanitary reasons.

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Purring Cat

Why Do Cats Purr and Knead?

Kittens behave in many different ways than grown cats, but there are some things kittens do that continue on into adulthood. This includes purring and kneading.

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