Rescue and Adoption

Oscar the Bionic Cat

Amazing Bionic Legs for Oscar the Cat

Oscar the cat receives bionic legs after a horrible encounter with a harvesting machine.

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Cat with Senior Man

The Companion Cat – Seniors for Seniors

A bond with a cat can be even more important for senior citizens, who may benefit from ways to stay active and from having a companion to cheer their days.

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Free to good home?

Free To Good Home? Read This First!

It’s a well-known warning on the Internet – don’t offer your kittens and puppies as “free to good home”, especially on Craig’s List!

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Angelo the Cat

Willing Your Fortune To Your Cats?

A lady by the name of Gladys Valentine Howey left her fortune to cats and birds in 1985, but it has taken nearly 30 years to clear up legal problems.

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Mama Dog

Sweet Mama Dog Takes In Orphaned Kittens

These three kittens were “dumped” off by a lady, and the resident mama dog took them under her wing. But the thing is, she already had seven pups of her own!

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Fort Worth Kitten

Protect and Serve Applies to Kittens, Too

When Officers of the Fort Worth Police Department found three tiny kittens deserted in the parking lot outside their building, they did what they do best – protect and serve.

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Shelter Kitten

Can You Help?

Right now, shelters and rescues all over America are crying out for help. Many of them are reducing their usual adoption fees, or waiving them altogether.

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Annie the Dog

Annie the Dog Adopts Orphaned Kittens

When Blair’s brother called her about some orphaned kittens he had found, no one expected Annie the dog to take over mothering them.

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Black Cats

What’s Wrong With Black Cats?

Black cats have been found to be far less likely to be adopted than other cats. They spend the longest in shelters and are also more likely to be euthanized.

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