Cookie Thief

Yum! There’s nothing like some nice hot coffee (or some nice warm cocoa), and an oatmeal-raisin cookie fresh from the oven, to warm your tummy on a cold winter day. But wait! Be careful where you set them down! You have no idea of the evil that lurks beneath those slats!

Cookie Monster

Hey! That’s My Cookie!


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    No raisins for kitties. Somebody is going to be sorry they left their cookie unattended!!!

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    OMG!!! they sure are sneaky 🙂

  3. to sapico malena.

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    au voleur

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    You’re right Patricia O’Connor! Raisins (and grapes) can cause kidney failure in cats, and it only takes a small amount of them to cause illness (watch for hyperactivity and vomiting). Good call!

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    que dulce el minino

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    Both of mine would do this little buggers

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    Elec Tey cookie & coffee!

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    pwefect cat.

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    thank you for your advice i didn’t know that !

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    I’d prefer a cold chocolate chip cookie,

  16. 🙂

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    chocolate chips maybe

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    Looks like my hubby.

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    too cute

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    So cute

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    If I steel it slowly, maybe they won’t notice…

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    Typical kitty behavior mine will drink coffee or tea if left unattended

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    E’liiaa Dimosxaki pethenw

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    love it!

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    @[100002504886753:2048:Emily Pardon]

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    @[100007335196650:2048:Kristel Heijnen]

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    @[100002555205857:2048:Lily Garcia]

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