Double Cuteness!

Two little kittens doing what kittens do best – playing with each other! These adorable kitties come to us from @Photografyum on Twitter. For a while, I thought it was one kitten looking in mirror, but on closer examination, I think it really is two kittens. Double the cuteness!

Two Cute Kittens

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    My god so cute <3

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    The Double Mint twins. I remember.

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    i want them !

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    I love it and happy holidays

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    I love their little pointy tails LOL

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    So tiny. We used to call them ‘wobblers’ at that age.

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    OMG so cute!

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    Same to you, Kirstin!

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  12. <3

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    So cute

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    Are they for sale x

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    cute <3<3

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    Soooo…remember way back when you posted something about getting an apartment and 200 cats? That’s becoming progressively more mandatory.

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    @[100002222734993:2048:Tatheer Fatema] 😀

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    🙁 i like ginger white or black kittens

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    But kitny cute hein ye

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    han cute hain but mere nhi hain :/

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    Oh my goodness gracious!

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