Crazy and Creative Cat Names

Is there anything cuter, cuddlier, and more boisterous than an adorable little kitten, or more regal, graceful, and beautiful than a cat? Cats and kittens make wonderful pets, and add so much to our lives. With that in mind, you’ll want your kitty to have a special name, one that you will both like. The people at the Wisconsin Humane Society have quite a knack for coming up with unusual names for the cats and kittens that come through there. Read on to see the crazy and creative names they have come up with!

 The Humane Society of Wisconsin’s Crazy and Creative Names for Cats

People find names for their kitties in many ways. It may be a name that fits their personality or their appearance, a hooman name, or a celebrity or superhero name. The name may already be attached to the cat when you get it, and you may keep that name or change to another. Here are some crazy, creative names that the folks at the Wisconsin Humane Society came up with for the cats that stay there till they find their furrever homes. Wisconsin Humane Society Cats

Here we have Professor PuddinPop, Provolone, and Wompus.

Other kitties at the Wisconsin Humane Society were given names that included Colonel Snazzypants and the Good King Snugglewumps, Lester, Zena, Vespa, Mighty Mouse, Waldorf, and Adrien Brody. Three gray 3-month-old littermates were named Wuzzy Woo, Fuzzy, and Wuzzle.

They named a dog Pepsi, and two guinea pigs Snickers and Sherlock. Some pretty creative names! I think a few were based on what someone was eating that day!
Name Your Cat The Humane Society names gave the author of the post, Kelly Faircloth, an idea for a more creative cat name:

“It’s almost enough for me to reconsider my firmly held conviction that human names are the best names for cats. “Tom,” say, is pretty good, but this makes me think, “Mister Tom T. Bombadil Attorney at Law” would be better.”

We like it! Mister Tom T. Bombadil, Attorney at Law is a great name. Of course, I’m sure it would be shortened back to just “Tom”, or maybe “Mister” for everyday use, but for anything legal, or for when Mister Tom gets into things he shouldn’t, his full name could be used.

We found even more crazy and creative names in the comments for that post.

 Sneakys says: My cat is not Eleanor. She is Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen Dowager of England. And don’t you forget it.

Code Name V says: My local humane society had a cat up for adoption named Edgar Allen Purr. I WANTED HIM SO BAD.

Will they or won’t they? says: When my cat Bittens was at the humane society, they named her Angel. it’s like they didn’t know her at all.

Kind shoe says: Best name ever seen on a shelter site: Lord Business, for a wrinkly brown puppy with eyebrows.

Molliemlf05 says: I would name all of them after the entire company of Cats. “Would you like to adopt Grizabella, Macavity, or Mr. Mistoffellees?”

Cats the Muscial

Edgar Allen Purr! Love it! And speaking of the musical Cats, those cats had some pretty crazy names, too. Besides the three mentioned above (Grizabella, Macavity, and Mr. Mistoffelees), how about these?

  • Jennyanydots
  • Growltiger
  • Mungojerrie
  • Rumpelteazer
  • Rum Tum Tugger
  • Old Deuteronomy
  • Bustopher Jones
  • Skimbleshanks
  • Cat Morgan

The Cat Names Meow website lists these cat names as the current top 40 popular names for cats. There are some “regular” names, like Max, and some crazy ones, like Clorox. We would love to see pictures of Satin and Lacey. We bet they are beauties! Is your cat’s name on this list?

1. Nazilla 11. Satin and Lacey 21. Killer 31. Curmet
2. Lanie 12. Jefferson 22. Captain Sushi 32. Dodi
3. China 13. Punki 23. Buttercupp 33. Nudge
4. Aliana 14. Bacall 24. Rocky 34. Doughnut
5. Crookshanks 15. Scamp 25. Tudi 35. Midnight Moon
6. Blinky 16. Mochi 26. Bingie 36. Tatler
7. Zucchero 17. Max 27. Clorox 37. Mandi
8. Nyxie 18. Marley 28. Patsy 38. Maurice
9. Paula 19. Forster 29. Sundew 39. Tortie
10. Echo 20. Koala Bear 30. Audrey 40. Titian

Traditional or creative, simple or crazy, every cat needs a name. What is your cat’s name, and how did you choose it?

Pretty gray kitty


Featured images. To see more pictures of the Humane Society kitties, click here.


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    i had GOLDYCAT who lived 14 years. I still miss my little guy. Now I have a new kitten,Catty Noir, she is a fashionista rockstar, named by my 7 year old niece. The name fits her purrrfectly!

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