Cutest Cat PhotoBombs Ever!

Photobomb: A photograph that has been spoiled by the unexpected appearance of an unintended subject in the camera’s field of view as the picture was taken.

That’s the official definition of a photobomb, but since these particular photobombers are extremely cute, we don’t think the pictures have been spoiled at all!

Kitten Photobomb
Evil Kitty Photobomb
This kitty seems to have an evil grin on his face. “Ha ha ha! You had no idea I was back here.”

kitty photobomb


 Jump In Front Photobomb

Oh, it’s the old jump-in-front-of-the-subject photobomb trick! I’m not going to sneak into the background, I’m going to be front-and-center in this shot!

Jump in Front Photobomb


The Flying Photobomb

This is what is known as a flying photobomb, or in this case, a flying cat photobomb. The photobomber watches the photographer’s hands very carefully, crouched down, waiting for just the right second to leap into the air, guaranteeing their place in photobomb history.

Flying Cat Photobomb


The Selfie Photobomb

This photobomb has come about with the new smartphone sensation known a the “selfie”. It usually involves a mirror, and one or two self-absorbed selfie-takers.

Selfie Photobomb


The Look At Me, Not Him Photobomb

This bomber also waits until the very last second, then sticks their face in front of the intended subject, right up by the camera, to insure their place in the foreground. But how cute is that little face?

Look at Me Photobomber


More Cute Photobombs

(click to see full-sized)

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  1. Reply

    are you sure that’s not his Dad?

  2. Reply

    cutie pie kitten

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    Lol, it might be! He kind of has that serious dad look!

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    Que carinha linda junto com a mamãe…

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    darlings!!!! 🙂

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    boncuk gözlüm

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    Make them better!

  9. Courtney Barron

  10. chiquito de la mama.-

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    much much better

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    More precious <3.

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    chouf hada zine ya wakhdi 3la l 7lawat …Nour <3

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    aw, so cute!

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    I love this pic!!!

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    The last one is so cute.

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    That is so adorable…

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    Awwwww so cute.

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    Love it!

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    So sweet.

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    Gorgeous Momma and baby!

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    It’s a bonus !

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    Better, =^..^=

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  26. Better, of course.

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    Making it hilarious #totallycute

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    my peanut had 5 red kittens just like her toda

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    too cute

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    beautiful mama and baby

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    It makes it better, so cute.

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    This would make a fabulous poster!

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    So very cute!

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    Absolutely better! How could it not?

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    So cute, just love it <3

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    so cute!

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  41. How precious!

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    Too Sweet!

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    Better, of course

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    The yellow streak is my kitten, Loki!

  45. The best photo bomb!

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    That is SO cute!

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    absolutely better

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    Sweet! I used to have a dog named Loki!

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